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2010 Trip Report - DE Rondy Recap - Death Valley Junction


Rendezvous Recap

March 19 - 21, 2010

By Bob Jacoby

The Annual Desert Explorers’ Rendezvous was held on March  19-21 at Death Valley Junction. Death Valley Junction was formally the borax  mining town of Amargosa and proved to be a unique and outstanding venue. A total  of 64 members attended the Rendezvous and it appeared everyone had a great time.

    The fun actually started on Friday morning in beautiful  downtown Baker, California.  Neal and Marian Johns led an outstanding inbound  trip on portions of the old Mojave Heritage Trail through Kingston Wash and the  Kingston Mountains. This was a very interesting and scenic trip that got folks  in the mood for the fun packed weekend in store for them.

    At Death Valley junction Friday evening a total of 64  participants arrived on the scene. The first order of business was a remarkable  pot luck in the meeting room at the hotel. The food was varied and outstanding  and may have out done any previous pot luck at a Rendezvous!  Once everyone had  a full stomach, the next order of business for many was to venture on over to  the Opera House to view a film on Marta Becket. As everyone knows, Marta Becket  has performed at the Opera House in Death Valley Junction for over 40 years.  (She now performs once a week sitting down.) This outstanding and informative  film covered the history of Marta’s involvement at the Opera House and was  enjoyed by all.

    Also on Friday night the action began for the Silent  Auction in Room No. 10 at the hotel.  Bids were made early for what appeared to  be a record number of items for sale. This very successful event which produced  nearly $700 in cash was organized by Nancy Dodds and Maybelle Lipking. We thank  them both for a very successful auction!

    Saturday morning, under clear and warm skies, folks  were geared for some outstanding trips. Among those scheduled was a trip to the  China Ranch Date Farm led by Mignon Stentz, a trip down Echo Canyon by lead by  Neal and Marian Johns and Sunny and Jean Hansen, and a very rugged trip to  Deadman Pass and Gold Valley led by Bob Dodds. There was something for everybody  and it made for a great day in the Death Valley area.

    After a day of historic and scenic trips, it was time  for some more serious eating activity. The Saturday evening dinner was catered  by Theresa Cantwell who is also the manager of the Amargosa Café. Theresa put  together an outstanding dinner that everyone enjoyed.  There were mass   quantities of excellent food available and a hungry group of Desert Explorers  took full advantage of that fact. 

    With their stomachs full, it was time for Rendezvous  participants to take the short walk over to the Opera House to see the weekly  mime show performed by ???????.  This was a very entertaining show, interpreting  with mime the various paintings by Marta Becket  on the wall of the Opera House.  Interspersed throughout the show are film clips of a recent interview she had  with Marta. This very fine performance gave everyone a better understanding of   Marta’s accomplishments throughout the years.

    When Sunday morning rolled around, folks had an  interesting choice. They could either head off with the Johns on a fun trip to  Ash Meadows and Devil’s Hole or they could tag along with yours truly, sitting  in for Emmett Harder, on a short hop over to Pahrump to visit Sheri’s Ranch, a  very upscale brothel. This was a very difficult choice for some folks to make.

    All in all, it was another very successful Rendezvous  for the club. Everyone had a great time with a variety of outstanding  activities, some great food and some excellent camaraderie. This is not to  mention a successful, even financially, event  for the Desert Explorers with the  Silent Auction exceeding expectations. We are already looking forward to next  year’s event!


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Rendezvous 2010 Report
By Co-chair, Marian Johns

I hope everyone enjoyed this year’s shindig at Death Valley Junction as much as  I did. The memorable highlights included the day trips – we had a nice variety  to choose from; the Friday night potluck had a wonderful choice of  mouth-watering dishes (those stuffed jalapenos were out of this world – couldn’t  believe they were so mild), and Saturday night’s catered dinner was one of the  best ever. Although I did not see the Saturday night Opera House program, I  heard that it was well worth the admission price. And to top it all off, Bob and  Nancy Dodd and Maybelle Lipking continued the tradition of Alan Romspert’s  Silent Auction, and made a nice addition of $701.00 to the D.E.’s treasury. We  also owe this year’s success to several other folks like Ruth Harder who was our  contact with folks (namely Rich) at Death Valley Junction; the great cooks who  prepared Saturday night’s dinner; Vicky Hill who set up Susan Sorell’s walking  tour of “Dublin” down in Shoshone; Emmett Harder who arranged for the tour of  Sheri’s in Pahrump; and Bob Jacoby who took reservations and worried about  numbers. I would also like to thank all the trip leaders - the trips, after all  are what it’s all about.