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2010 Trip Reports - DE Rendezvous - Sheri's Ranch

Outbound Trip :  Sheri’s Ranch

By Bob Jacoby

It is a tradition that all Desert Explorer rondys have an outbound trip.  Of course,  the 2010 Rondy was not an exception to that.  Indeed, Emmett Harder was the  original organizer for perhaps the ultimate outbound trip which was to Sheri’s  Ranch in Pahrump, Nevada.

For those  of you who aren’t familiar with this fine establishment, it  is, in fact, a  remnant of the Old West where prostitution was quite common.   Sheri’s  advertises itself as an exclusive brothel, less than an hour from Las Vegas.  We  were able to verify that Sheris does have an excellent selection of beautiful  women, upscale bungalows and rooms, saunas, spas and quite a varied “menu” of  options.

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 Emmett,  after doing all of his exceptional planning,  was unable to attend the rondy and  called me to pinch hit as the leader.  I normally like to do a “pre-run” any  time I lead a trip, but that didn’t prove to be practical for this one.  In any  event, a group of seven cars left Death Valley Junction on Sunday morning at  9:30.  This included the following intrepid Desert Explorers in addition to your  fearless leader:  Larry Borrieo, Bob Younger and  Mary Wheeler, Nan Savage, Glen  Shaw, Mike  and Donna Mumford, Willie and Faye Kalajian,  Bert Eddins, Mal and  Jean Roode, Bob and Shirely Bolin, and  Alan and Ding Wicker.   Normally, high  clearance, four wheel drive is a requirement for all Desert Explorer trips, but  those terms didn’t seem particularly applicable in this situation. 

To get from  Death Valley Junction to Sheri’s we followed Stateline Road east out to Nevada  160 and followed that main road through Pahrump to Homestead Road.  We followed  Homestead Road to the end and lo and behold, there was Sheri’s next door to  their low end competitor,  the Chicken Ranch.  During this drive we were very  fortunate to receive information over the CB from Nan Savage regarding the role  of prostitution historically in the Old West.  As usual, Ms. Savage had done her  homework and provided us with the academic approach we needed to survive this  tour. 

Upon  arrival at Sheri’s, our group divided up into three different subgroups and we  each received a guided tour of the facility.  We found the tour leaders to be  very well informed and they provided us with an overview which very few people  receive.  Among other things, we toured the S&M room (that doesn’t stand for  “Sand and Mud”) and the sauna room.  We also learned that the women who work  here are independent contractors and are not employees of Sheri’s.  The only  issue we encountered was telling several of the ladies that Neal Johns didn’t  make the trip.  They all asked about Neal and we were sorry to disappoint them.

After the  tour was complete we partook of a buffet lunch which proved to be very good.  It  was now early afternoon and everyone was ready to head back home after an  outstanding Rondy weekend.  Someone mentioned that Sheri’s might be a good place  to hold next years’ Rondy, but I don’t believe that will happen.