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2010 Trip Report - DE Rendezvous - Gold Valley and Dead Man Pass


March 20, 2010

BY Bob Dodds

Leading our small group; Bob Dodds, MayBelle and Tug. Following us were Ron and  Barbara Midlikoski, Leanard, Rebecca and Hanna Friedman, Willie and Faye  Kalajian and Mike and Donna Munford. With this small of a group we didn’t leave  until 08:30, after correcting a C.B. problem. We headed out 7.5 miles to the  dirt road taking us to Deadman’s Pass. The weather was great for being Death  Valley. There was a slight cool breeze. Tug loved it. We arrived at our first  stop where lots of pictures of the U.S. G.S. marker, elevation 3,264’. The wood  sign was 3,300’ and my GPS said 3,197’, so much for accuracy. Ron found a  treasure, a cylinder head with the fins bent and broken with a large valve and  valve spring. It appears to be an aircraft cylinder.

We crossed over green valley water road (dirt) and continued on toward Gold  Valley and Willow springs taking in the geological formations of the valley. We  then drove between the mountain walls and entered Willow Springs and the turn  around. By now it was close to lunch time and this was a good place to have a  break. We were quite sure we were at the springs, I took a GPS reading and sure  enough, right on the spot.

We were a little disappointed the wind flowers had not bloomed yet and I did  find out after our return, there were a couple of pools at the springs had we  walked further. Our weekend was great and everyone enjoyed the wild horses at  the hotel and I had never seen the paintings on the walls that Marta did. What  an artist.

Thanks to all who joined me on this trip.