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2009 Trip Report - the Musical Road

Desert Explorers, if you find yourself driving on Highway 14, the Antelope  Valley Freeway, in Lancaster, you've just gotta try this.

It's hilarious! Exit at Avenue G, and head west. Stay in the left lane, at about  55 mph. Between 30th and 40th Street West, listen carefully and your tires will  serenade you with the William Tell Overture (think "Lone Ranger" opening music,  if you're old enough) over about a quarter mile stretch. When Bob and I drove  it, I couldn't stop laughing. The " musical score" was created by Honda  engineers for a Civic commercial. You can find out how they did it on You Tube.  We didn't measure the distance from Highway 14, but just keep going and you'll  encounter it. It's so cool!