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2009 Trip Report - MOE Dolan Springs

MOE Trip National Trails Day - Dolan Springs

October 10, 2009

By Sue Baughman

National Trails Day is celebrated the 1st Saturday in June an is sponsored by  the American Hiking Society, since its too D--- Hot in June. The Dolan Springs  Open Space Trails committee picked the 2nd Saturday in October for multiple  events. The group started planning this event in January. We started by filling  out the NTD website giving our event 48 state plus coverage. The next step was  plan where we wanted to disburse the different events. Since BLM needs a minimum  of 6 months for their NEPHA process. It was decided that this years National  Trails Day event would also be our big fund raiser of the year. It was decided  to stage the event at the Ranch Club (didnt have to worry about raising money on  BLM property). We did ask BLM/Mohave County Parks to co-sponsor our event. The  Ranch Club Restaurant donated their facility for our pancake breakfast.

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The ATV route was a piece of cake. We used the same route from 2007, using old  sub division roads, stopping at a old stagecoach stop and ended at Taylor Mtn.  where the 19 participants got tour of the new ATV/4x4 recreation area, a tour of  the cave that is used as a residence, Bob Taylor (the owner) demonstrated gold  mining procedures and gave tours of the rock crawling trail. Larry & Virginia  Long were the trail bosses. The equestrian event was another piece of cake again  departing from the Ranch Club they rode to Mud Spring via old subdivision roads  and cross county over BLM land. Seven riders had enjoyable 3 hour ride. The  hikers 6 in number were led by Ingrid Purder and Jim Brown. They drove to the  new trail system in section 30 and showed off the new trail. Even though we had  a route for mountain bike riders, as usual, no one showed up for the event.

The biggest challenge was the 4x4 run. Our first run was from the Ranch Club  going over old nasty subdivision roads till we came to the wash that should have  taken us to the dry water fall. This route was OK if you had short wheel base  and skid plates. We wanted a enjoyable ride and wanted the participants to  return. Found out the private property owners in case we came in from a  different direction. Our next thought was to take the 1st part of the trip and  then work our way over to the Cyclopic Mine area and make a big loop. Two  challenges - too many new subdivision roads and too many private land owners  that did not respond to our letters requesting permission, Our next attempt was  to take the back way into White Hills going on to the power line road back  toward Pierce Ferry Road and the dry water fall. Our next challenge was 3  private parcels. One I already had permission to cross, the 2nd parcel I chased  them down to their gated community house in Boulder City, The last was a little  old lady in Mesa, AZ. I made a phone call requesting permission, sent back up  paper work. A week later I did a follow up phone call. She informed me that even  though the participants were signing waivers, 4x4 driving was dangerous. Back to  square one. We took the original route to 23rd St., back tracked to 21st St.  found a

old subdivision road and returned to the power line and made a big loop back to  the ranch club. Buck Buckler and Jay Wilson were the leaders and a total of 7  vehicles made this run (Three of them went out and found the group on the  trail).

It was a very successful event and we made enough money to buy tools and other  necessary items for our trail system.