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2009 Trip Reports - Hualapai Mountain Lodge MOE

Hualapai  Mountain Lodge MOE

Sunday,  August 9, 2009

By Dan W. Messersmith

   At 10:30am, the  assembled cast of participants descended upon the Hualapai Mountain Lodge for a  Sunday brunch. Those in attendance were Dick & Connie Taylor; Dan & Jan  Messersmith; Daniel & Jen Messersmith with their two children, Liv and Jaden;  Sandra Messersmith with Jet Cummings and Matt Messersmith with Candace Hardy and  their daughter Tyla. If it seems like there were a lot of Messersmiths, you are  paying attention as my entire family of children and grandchildren were there.  There was even one more there who is still on the way as Reese William  Messersmith (Matt and Candace’s son) is due next month.

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   Dick and Connie  weathered the mini-Messersmith family reunion in stride and we all enjoyed a  great Sunday breakfast buffet.

   After breakfast we took  some pictures at the lodge and piled into our vehicles to exit the mountains via  the back roads rather than the paved road. Dick & Connie took the lead.

   As we passed the old  American Flag mine, Dick pointed it out for all to see. We continued on toward  Wild Cow campground and stopped to enjoy the facilities and shade in the little  canyon where the campground is located. More pictures were taken and a large  yellow and black butterfly was spotted.

   We exited the campground  and headed for Antelope Wash road to drop down out of the mountains. At a  hairpin turn, Matt got one of his truck front tires in a hole, which put his  opposite rear tire in the air. With no traction, we had a minor delay as Dick  worked his way back to the truck and with a small tug on a tow strap had Matt’s  truck back on all four wheels and ready to go.

   Continuing down the  Antelope Wash road, we passed the old Democrat mine and we enjoyed the scenery  both near and far.

   Reaching Blake Ranch  Road, we headed back toward I-40. At the Yellow Pine Ranch (old Laughlin Ranch  and even older Odle Ranch) we noted that the small lake on the property was  getting low and had dropped about 6 feet since we had passed there last month.

   When we got near I-40,  Daniel & family and Matt & family headed for the highway and home. Dick & Connie  and Jan & I with Sandra & Jet continued our trip a bit by running the old  portion of old Highway 93 between Blake Ranch Road and DW Ranch Road.

   Reaching DW Ranch Road,  we made our way over to I-40 and home. It had been a nice short day out into the  mountains for a great breakfast and a wonderful short run on some back roads to  finish it out. I believe all had a great time.

   Perhaps next year we  will do something similar but instead do an old fashioned family-style picnic in  the mountains followed by another short run down the hill on the back roads.