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2009 Trip Report - Willis Well Service Trip


April 25, 2009

Leader Bob Dodds

 We met at the museum at 8:00 am. “Thank you” Pat for  opening the doors for us. There were only seven members and guests. It must have  been the words (CLEAN-UP) that kept everyone away. I guess the weather and Earth  Day activities kept others away.

Those on the trip were; Nancy Dodds, MayBelle Lipking,  Sharon Satchell, Julia Moore (92 yrs young) and Alan and Karen Hodes.

The weather was a bit windy and cool as we headed out 1-40  to Daggett. We picked up Camp Rock Road and continued to Deep Tank. The road  were excellent and the wildflowers were just starting to bloom. We hiked to the  petroglyphs to take close up pictures. Sharon took a belly shot of a Canterbury  Bell. It was too cold for MayBelle and Julia so they went back to the car. We  discussed the Lava Rock being mined from the Cinder Cone Volcano. It’s quite an  operation.

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Willis Well and lunch were next. It was amazing there was  NO trash alongside the roads out there- just a couch near the freeway. The Hodes  brought out a table and everyone set out their food to share. We do good pot  lucks don’t we! We started out to clean upbut the place was spotless so we  explored. The rock wall that Mrs. Willis built, rock by rock, was something to  see. The petroglyphs were in good shape. We cut over Ord Mt. Rd and came out at  the Slash X on Hwy 248. A couple of miles befor the pavement I drove over the  most beautiful rattlesnake (unharmed). Nancy wasn’t going to pass up a chance  for a close up. The snake coiled up and played us a tune warning Nancy that she  was close enough. Julia and Sharon had never seen a rattler before. End of photo  shoot and end of trip.