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2009 Trip Report - Anza Borrego

Anza Borrego

by Hannah Friedman (age 7)

(with a little editing by her dad)

The trip to Anza Borrego was great. First, we all camped in different places, it  was very windy. The next morning, we went to the Visitor's Center at 9:00, and  then we went to the Military Wash. Military Wash is where World War Two  practiced. Then we had lunch at the Pumpkin Patch and then we passed by Una  Palma, that's what one palm tree means in Spanish. Then we stopped by an  outdoor, unexpected fruit store was on the street on the way to the campsite.  They sold grapefruit, tangerines and dates. Then, on the way to the campsite for the second night, we went in three feet  water. Then we came to the rocky hills. I was very scared and so was my friend,  Ethan. When we got to the top of the hill, we set up the tents because that's  where our campsite was. While Cyrus, Azi, Joe, Gadi, Ana, Robb and my dad,  Leonard, were setting up the tents, me and my friend, Ethan, were playing golf  by digging a hole in the sand and the golf club was a stick and the golf ball  was a rock. Then Joe showed me and my friend some desert plants like squaw tea,  the cholla cactus, the cat claw, and the desert willow. The next morning at 9, we went on a hike to see a waterfall. After the  waterfall, we went down the hill and Robb helped us down. And, without Robb we  would have a lot of damage to the car. Then through the water. After that we  split up at the fruit place and then went home.