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| Bob & Nancy Dodds | Trip Reports

2009 Trip Report - DE Rendezvous - Rosalie


Leader: Bob Dodds and Tug.

Joining us was; Ron and  Barbara Midlikoski, Mal and Jean Roode, Jim Watson, Alan Hodes, Ron Ross and  Nancy McClean, Debbie and Steve Marshke, Danny and Norma Siler, Jim Proffitt,  George and Carol Gilster, Penny and Dave Bullock, Mary and Charles Hughs, Bill  and Barbara Gossett, Jeanne Murrin, and Larry Boerio. Oh yes and Nancy was with  us too.

What a great turnout. Good  to see everyone again. Nancy and I attended our first Rondy in 1988 at Nipton.  It was so neat to return and see the improvements. Saturday A.M., There was  Allan Wicker at the Red School House helping everyone into the correct lines for  the trips. He was kind of our mother hen. We got our group together, 15 rigs  plus mine.” Thank you Bill and Barbara for being my sweep.” He had a new  powerful radio. Our route took us through Cima. This gave our group a chance to  check out the old Rail Road town, which still has a US Post Office. The site of  the original store is there. We talked about the Cima Dome on our way to I-15  where I needed to top off my tank. Our first stop was the Rosalie Cemetery.  Boots and Bessie Yates are buried there. They lived and ran the Yates Ranch in  Rosalie from 1894-1952. We explored Rosalie where they used a 50 ton furnace to  smelt and recover the copper coming out of the Copper World Mine. Jim Proffitt  checked out the caves the miners lived in and determined that he could sell them  with 100% financing. The slag heap was fascinating to explore and collect rocks.  There was lots of discussion on how the smelting process took place.

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Our next  stop was the Mohawk Mine. It is partially caved in and too dangerous to enter.  On up the road were a cabin and a cave in really good shape. None of us could  figure out the name of this site. Of coarse none of us thought to bring a  flashlight. Bill and Nancy went in using the light from their cameras. It was  clean with no vandalism. The hike down was easier than the climb up the hill.  Everyone had lunch as the wind came up and it cooled down a lot. Bill and  Barbara went ahead to check out the road to the Copper World Mine and reported  it was in bad shape with no turn around room at the top, so we passed on that  stop. I’m so sorry Mary we didn’t see the Agave Deep Roasting Pit. I just wasn’t  thinking.  The road to the Molicorp Corp. operation was really nice. We drove  around the site coming out at Baily Road. Our State’s finest were hard at work  searching one car with 8 patrol cars. They motioned us alone so we all had  idea’s what was happening as we headed back to Nipton. Debbie gave an  interesting talk about the Crows and baby Tortoise population. Thanks to  everyone for their input about so much of our desert. It makes the trips so  informative and fun. I’m sorry about feeling so badly. I did go to the doctor on  Monday and I have pneumonia and still recovering. The good news is I’ll live.