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2008 Trip reports - Calico Day Trip

Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Day Trip to Calico Back Roads

by Bob Dodds

We all met at the Museum at  8:00 AM. Thank you Pat Schoffstall for opening the doors for us. It was great to  see such a good turn out.

Leader Bob Dodds, guest  Sharon Satchell, Mal and Jean Roodes, (sweep) Dan and Norma Siler, Brett Henrich,  Alex Cordero, Craig Baker, Nan Savage, Bob Jacoby, Sonny and Jean Hansen, Bill  Cook, and his grandson, Bill and Gwenn Neill, Tommy Roach and Glenda, Marten and  Jan DeGroot, Don and Myrtie Putnam, Glen Shaw, Ron and Barbara Midlikoski, Alan  and Karen Hodes, Valerie Finstad, Barbara Gollner, Bob and Betty Oliver, Scott  and Casey Hanenkrat and Guest Lynn Frazee. We had a total of 18 vehicles.

 Glen drove in from Blue  Diamond, NV. He left his pop-up parked at the museum, and we were off. Our first  stop was the Daggett Hotel. Unfortunately I didn’t contact the person to open up  for us. So we headed to Mule Canyon. We all gathered at Camp Rock. We couldn’t  believe all the campers and off road buggy’s.

Kramer’s Arch and the small  drop off with ruts and loose dirt was next. It was fun watching everyone coming  down, some fast and some slow with lots of bumps and bangs. Sharon got a little  white. (This was her first time 4 wheeling) As we returned to Mule Canyon Road  we noticed a car with a woman in the passenger seat. Someone said “That looked  liked Dottie Mann”, then another said ya, that does look like Dottie Mann. Mal,  being sweep, stopped and asked. It was Dottie and her son. She was so excited to  see all of us and of coarse using Bill’s book.

The mining town of Borate  was the next stop. I got all vehicles parked. There were shooters camped there.  I asked if they could take a break so no one would be in the line of fire. They  agreed. Everyone enjoyed exploring the site. You could see the line of the  narrow gage railroad that hauled the ore down to Marion where it was loaded on  the train to be shipped east. The group found some calcite and fossilized  snails. Lots of pictures were taken.

The next site was a detour  (oops).  I turned left instead of going straight and we ended up on a rocky high  point, so all decided this was the lunch stop. Don and I played with our GPS’s  and figured out where we were. I wasn’t far off, just down the road, make a left  and we would be at the Sweet Water Springs stop. (more campers and shooters) I  asked for a volunteer to taste the water to see if it was sweet, no takers. Don  Putnam wanted to look a little closer so took a tumble. He was OK.

All the rigs made their way  to the Bismark Mine. The Olivers needed to head home so we said our good buys.  It was so good to see them. Everyone enjoyed climbing in and out of the mine,  taking pictures. Craig found a pretty tarantula. He showed us how to handle it  safely. Lynn even had it on her arm. After pictures they sent it on its way.  There also was a great over view of Daggett, Yermo and Calico.

On the way back to Calico to  meet up with Nancy and have dinner at the restaurant, the Siler’s jeep  overheated. Thanks to the Hansens and the Roodes for staying with them. While  there they spotted a beautiful red rattlesnake in the bushes. What a real neat  picture moment.

We all made it to Calico. We  had no idea it was the Halloween Haunt Festival. The town was crawling with two  legged critters. The BBQ dinner was great. Thank you Daryle, for accommodating  all of us. Thank you Nancy for making the arrangements. After dinner everyone  headed home. Fun Day.