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2008 Trip Reports - DE Rendezvous Inbound to Orofino Mine

Orofino Mine

by Dave Given

As scheduled,we all met at the  Bob’s Big Boy restaurant in Baker at the appointed time of 9 a.m. We  actually got moving by 9:25 AM. We went south on Kelbaker Road for 1 mile,  then turned off to the southwest for our trip to the Orofino Mine. Due to a real  bad storm, it was not possible to get to the Brannigan mine-total road  washout! On the way to the Orofino mine we stopped at what is left of the  Paymaster mine. From there we have2 different opinions. Some say  I made a wrong turn and got lost. NOT TRUE! We simply embarked on a  new adventure. This new adventure didn’t pan out too well, so we  returned to the road to lead us to the Orofino mine. All of this time the  narration was provided by none other than the "Ugly One from Newberry  Springs", Joe Pizzitola. He is very knowledgeable of the area.  VERY! Once we arrived at the Orofino mine we all explored some, and we had lunch  there. After lunch we headed back towards Baker, where some of us re-fueled and  then headed toward Shoshone, arriving there by 3 p.m.

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The participants included:

Dave Given

"Ugly One" Joe Pizzitola

Ron Lipari

Charles and Mary Hughes

Sunny and Jean Hanson

Karen and Bob Monson

Don Sweinhart and Betty Wallin

Danny and Norma Siler

George and Carol Gilster

Bob Jacoby and friend

Jim Profitt, daughter Penelope  and husband Dave Bullock

and none other than the world famous Bob and Sue Jaussaud providing the tail end duties. Actually Sue did the duties but Bob will take the credit I am sure.