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2008 Trip Reports - Afton Canyon

Afton Canyon

Feb 22-23rd, 2008

Bob Dodds

Arrived at campground around 2:00 PM and set up withclouds and  light sprinkles. I got out my bottle ofwine I had saved and realized I could not open it. Thecorkscrew  must have grown legs and walked. As I struggled to get it open Jim Proffit arrived and savedthe day.  Later Sunny and Jean drove in. The five of us sat around the table in our little house and tasted 3bottles of  different wines. Nancy was sleeping (resting her eyes). After darkness set in we started afire and was  enjoying it when Steve and Debbie Marschke arrived.Saturday AM the sun was out with not a cloud or  windin sight.

9:00 AM everyone was lined up and ready togo. In Attendance; Craid Baker and his girlfriend(sorry I can't  remember her name), Nan Savage, Mark Murdock, Mal and Jean Roode, Allan Hodes with his lab,Shadow, Dan  and Lois Bowman(in their very nice 55 chevy PU 4X4), Jim Proffit, Greg and Laura Raven,Steve and Debbie  Marschke, Sunny and Jean Hansen, Jim,Judy and William Clemens and Marten And Jeanne DeGroot.Our group  headed out and the first stop was a shorthike to the caves(thanks to Steve who knew where theywere), wading  in and out of the Mojave River which isa light flow there. Tug and shadow had the most funrunning in the  water and sand dunes. After exploring the caves and Debbie's spontaneous lecture on who andhow the caves  were used was a great addition, we walked back to the vehicles and drove to the next stopwhich was  what I called the chimmney, water has cutout the mountain and the walls were very tall. Spooky canyon was  the next spot. Everyone really enjoyed walking up and admiring the verticle walls with twistsand turns.  Some went way back requiring alittle climbing. We were amazed that there was no trash inthe canyon. Lots  of pictures were taken. Playing withmy new GPS (I'm a late commer in getting one) we wentright to the  buried rail car. Nancy and I didn't find it on the pre-run but drove right to it this trip.Nancy found a  hole going down into the car which several guys climbed down to check it out. I heardseveral moan's  from our group which turned out to behunger pangs so off we went to the lunch stop. Lunchwas at the mine  site where the wooden planks and rock walls were done by chinese workers. Its amazing howbeautifully the  stones were layed in so perfect.  After lunch and climbing around, we crossed the UnionPacific RR  line, thanks to the workers, and followed the tracks east. We stopped at the grave of DeloresHolland, an  infant who died in 1931,baby of a railroad manager and railroad people keep up her grave today.Further down  the road we stopped at what use to be crucero. Everyone sure wanted to go to the megaphoneand bathtub  springs but the day was ending and someneeded to head for home so all decided there must be aPart "B" of  my one day trip soon. Thanks to everyonewho joined us and always to remember to TREAD LIGHTLY. Bob