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2007 Trip Report - Quartzsite

Quartzsite 2007

by Neal Johns

Quartzsite never changes, Quartzsite is always different! This year there was a bigger crowd in Quartzsite than usual overall, while many of the usual DE suspects and hanger-on¹s did not show up at our campsite. Marian and I, along with ex-brother-in-law Bill (Willie) Young, from Whidbey Island, WA, got there Wednesday afternoon. When I married Marian, somehow I forgot to tell her about all my weird ex-relatives. Heh, heh, heh.

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Homer Meek showed up with friend Lou Valencia, but they wimped out and stayed in a motel in Parker. Joan McGovern-White came in a little toy car that drove her to Blythe every night. Marilyn Martin rolled up in a Pleasure-Way hotel on wheels. The Bolin¹s stayed with us one night and were with friends elsewhere other nights. The Jaussaud¹s (Toby looked great! ­ Sue fantastic ­ Bob so-so J ) brought their van and filled it with gasoline Maytag washing machine engines from the Hit and Miss show before they left. It really ticks me off that Bob is going to win the Most Toys Before You Die contest. I try, but my current wife slows me down. Are you listening, Marian? A strange motorhome drove up with apologies coming out the window for not towing a Land Cruiser. Something about a broken tow bar. I let xxx off the hook this time. We rounded up a few people for an easy ride (my pre-run description) to Dripping Springs. The south canyon route was in the worst shape I have ever seen it. My new low gear box (4.7 to 1) came in handy for getting over the rocks, ledges, and a dry waterfall. I smelled a burning clutch behind me. The newbies marveled at the petroglyphs and the steep hill we climbed on the way out. Marian bought a pendant and a ring, and the others all found a few trinkets to take home as usual. Saturday, we bailed out for a day to Mexico! A whole five miles below the border we went! The Yuma branch of the Arizona Historical Society had a trip to see the sites of several stage stations on the Butterfield Stage Route, the Southern Emigrant Trail, the Mormon Battalion Route, whatever name you like, it was mostly the same route. We (along with Bill and Joan) met in Yuma, crossed the border and went to the sites of Alamo Mucho, Seven Wells, and Cooke¹s Wells. There was nothing left of the old adobe buildings, just plowed fields and canals where the Alamo River once ran. We went back to Quartzsite that night. A busy day. Things wound down Sunday and Monday and people left to rest up for next years trip to beautiful downtown Quartzsite.