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2000 Trip Report - Hungry Valley Day Trip

Hungry Valley Day Trip

Led, reported, and photographed by Steve Bein

Saturday December 2, 2000: It was 9:00 and I was still looking for the second off ramp and the Denny's where Ana said we should meet. For those not familiar with Gorman, our meeting point, there is a Sizzlers, Carl’s Jr and a diner in between. There is only one off ramp. We all found each other, so no harm no foul.

After breakfast, the group of 4 vehicles and six people, Steve Bein leader, Gordon Lohan, Robb Anderson, Ana Romero, Homer Meek and Jim Cox, all drove under I5 to Hungry Valley OHV recreation area, paid our $4 fee and went in. The first challenge was at the power line road where we climbed some paths that motorcyclists use. I was driving the lowest-powered vehicle, my old/new 87 Mitsubishi Montero and went up first.

I had driven up the solid trail a few times and this time tried the loose dirt one next to it. I put it in low-low (compound low to some) and punched it. The run was slightly off camber and the Montero slowed a bit but crested the top and then I turned sharply right. There is no 4x4 road down. It is a motorcycle up and down, but I am not desirous of trying up or down on the other side. All but Robb in his 4-Runner got up on the first try. He tried using normal drive and backed down. Then he aired down and went up again in compound low. No problem. His is the most trailworthy, perhaps, of the vehicles, though we all did well. We had the 4-Runner, my 4-cylinder 2-door Montero, a Bronco II ( I think 88), and Homer’s Toyota(?) truck .

After playing up and down on some other locations and driving the whoop-de-doos on
the way, we went to the 4x4 practice area. The first challenge was the sluice which is a rocky wash run with some good size rocks, but nothing huge, except the sides which we didn't challenge. All went through easily.

Then to the stair climb, which is supposedly like the Colorado plateau sandstone steps. It is concrete with some good size rocks imbedded. We did it by driving around the larger ones until someone in a power wagon with 35" tires just drove straight up. That was a challenge and we found that some of our 31" tires would make it also.

Next to the stair climb is the rock climb. That was too much for us, but the guy with the lifted power wagon did it with slight rocker panel damage. I ran one tire of my Montero onto one large rock to get a good angle for some photos. 

Then around to some other areas and the concrete steps. Homer and Robb went to the 3rd step. They have lockers. My Montero made it up two and then dug a hole. Lockers are not easily found for that year of Montero. Oh well.

After a lunch break and some maneuvering practice, we took off to drive up to Alamo Peak. Along the drive a group of Jeepers passed us. We caught up at a flat where they were preparing to do the Miller Jeep trail. We declined since it seemed it would take until dark to get to the Lockwood Valley and then have to find our way out from there.

So, we continued on the loop around Alamo peak and saw the nice views of Antelope Valley, the aqueduct, and the mountains.

We all had a nice time, took some photos and played with our vehicles. The 4x4 practice location is a good place to familiarize yourself with your vehicle and have some people around.

I might do this again in a month or so, if there is any interest.