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Trip Report - 2000- Rendezvous - Geology Trip

Geology Trip

By Myrtie Putnam

For starters the geology trip was a lot more interesting than the speech the night before. There’s something about actually seeing the rocks. We went to a mountain beyond Resting Springs and as we climbed the mountain Dr. Cooper explained all the different formations (and rocks that anyone showed him). There were quite a few children and they seemed to really enjoy the climb, and naturally they beat everybody to the top of the mountain. Don and I did not climb all the way to the top. We branched off and went to the tribolite beds. It seems that there are several beds as it was not the same one that the rest of the group went to. We found tribolites at both sites. When we met up again some of the other group went over to the site that we visited. Didn't see them for some time. There was a geology class over there doing some collecting. We got back to camp about 12:45. All in all it was an interesting trip.