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Trip Reports - 2000 - Rendzvous - Plant Trip

Rendezvous Plant Trip

by Alan Romspert

The final total of vehicles showing up for the rendezvous plant trip to the Kingston Mountains was 14. An itinerary of getting the group from Shoshone and back in six hours (0900 to 1500 hrs), over a distance of 75 miles did not seem to present an unsurmountable task until one considers the logistics. My sweep, Chuck and Jeanice Kalbach (thank you), said I should figure five minutes per vehicle per stop plus any additional time for observation of the plants . With an hour figured in for lunch and two split breaks plus five stops for plant observation and/or pictures (the view of snow covered Charleston Peak in the Spring Mountains in Nevada was spectacular) we would have used up 230 minutes of the 360 minutes allotted for the trip. This left only 130 minutes to drive the 75 miles which meant that an average speed of about 35 mph had to be maintained. I drive like that, Neal Johns drives like that when four-wheeling, but most of our group do not take their vehicles to the body shop as often as some others, not to mention any names.

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We did leave Shoshone a little after 0900 and get back a little after 1500 hrs. with awsome views of snow on the Charleston, Panamint and Kingston Mountains, seven different species of cactus along with many other assorted plants including the giant Nolina parryi, some still retaining the flower stalks from last year. Since the tire god was watching over us, and we only had overheating problems with one of the Jones’ rigs a very enjoyable and timely (I still don't know how; the numbers just don't pencil out) trip was experienced by our hardy group.