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2013 Mojave River Valley Museum 47th Annual Barbeque & Open House

 May 11, 2013 

by Bob & Sue Jaussaud

Yes, our Museum has been doing this for 47 years, and you don't want to miss it when it rolls around again in 2014! The folks in Barstow put forth a HUGE effort, and it shows in the quality (and quantity!) of events taking place throughout the day.

     In addition to talks and book signings by noted authors of desert lore, other free adventures included fresh-from-the-Dutch-oven sour dough biscuits with home made butter and jam, samples of real moonshine ("whooo-eeee" strong!), chances to pan gold, hit-and-miss engines, free plants, and much, much more. Plus there was a wonderful opportunity to expand our desert library, as all books in the Museum shop were 20% off for members. We needed a box to carry all our purchases.

     Other D.E. members and friends enjoying this event included Bob & Shirley Bolin, Glen Shaw, Jerry & Joni Harada (arriving late, as Jerry got lost again), Dave & Debbie Given, newlyweds Cheryl & Rich Dotson (they opened the Needles Museum for our group during the 2012 Rendezvous), Carlos Gallinger, seldom-seen David Mott, John and Barbara Marnell, Myrtie Keddy, Ron & Barb Midlikoski, Cliff Walker and D.E. Chairperson Ruth Harder with her date, Death Valley Scotty. We all talked, shopped, listened and learned, ate, played, drank, and talked some more. What a great day!