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| Ruth Harder | Trip Reports

2013 Rondy Ramblings

by Ruth Harder

 It seems Zzyzx was the perfect place to hold the 2013 Rendezvous. Granted it wasn’t the Biltmore, but it was certainly better than a Motel 6. The ambience far outweighed the inconveniences. It was so peaceful and quiet and the weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Another plus was that we were completely isolated from the hustle and bustle of any city life. I had so many people tell me how happy they were that we held the Rendezvous in Zzyzx. Our host, Rob Fulton, was a delight. He has a wonderful personality and tried his best to please us in every way. He was available whenever we needed something or even just to talk. In his after dinner presentation we learned a lot about desert critters. Friday night we had our usual pot luck dinner with way more food than we could possibly eat. Friday, Saturday and Sunday Chef Victor Keaton did a great job preparing good meals for almost 70 people. Breakfasts were the normal fare but varied somewhat each day with many dishes to choose from; Saturday we enjoyed a delicious turkey dinner. Everyone looked like very happy campers.Each day there were plenty of different types of trips so there was something for everyone’s different preference.And, as usual, everyone had great fun finding things to outbid each other for in the Silent Auction which was a huge success.We appreciate all the help we had. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who put in so much time and work to help make this rendezvous one of our greatest.