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| Sunny & Jean Hansen | Trip Reports

East Mojave Adventure

 March 2, 2013 by Sunny & Jean Hanse

Trip participants: Sunny & Jean Hansen, Charles & Mary Hughes, Bob & Sue Jaussaud, Ron Lipari, Mike Vollmert, Mignon Slentz, Glenn Shaw, Pete & Janet Austin, Craig Baker, Leonard, Rebecca and Hannah Friedman.

     It was a crisp, clear, beautiful day when we all gathered to begin our trip in the East Mojave. We formed up and drove to the parking area from which we would begin our hike. We hiked several miles, stopping along the way to view, photograph and appreciate petroglyphs. Part of the hike led us on an old trail, which Jean particularly liked.

     Once we reached our site destination, we all relaxed and enjoyed viewing the petroglyphs and then we had lunch. After lunch, we got some great group photographs and then retraced our steps back to our vehicles. The return trip was faster because (1) Jean was not leading and therefore we had no long detours where she missed the trail on the inbound part of the hike and (2) Sunny just happened to mention “Happy Hour.”


We were all back in camp in plenty of time for happy hour and the evening’s entertainment.

     It was a very nice day with a lot of wonderful people.