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2013 Trip Report -Life After Ted's Trip

"Life After Ted's Trip"

by Rebecca Friedman

Since Leonard, Hannah and I were among the survivors of Ted’s Ibex Spring Trip (5 out of 8 vehicles made it to the end), we decided to tempt fate and continue on. After parting from the others on Sunday at about 5:00 p.m. at the Harry Wade marker, we headed north toward Death Valley Junction. We were in time to take a quick peek at a benefit dance recital at the Amargosa Opera House. We stayed overnight at a motel in Beatty, NV, and enjoyed visiting the “largest candy store in the state.”

     After watching the televised Presidential inauguration on Monday morning, we headed west into Death Valley National Park. Leonard was especially excited to be driving through Titus Canyon for the first time, since the road was open thanks to good weather. The beautiful colors and steep canyon walls did not disappoint. We even enjoyed stopping at Leadfield, a mining town of 300 people from 1926-1927. We drove by the Devil’s Cornfield as we proceeded to Mesquite Dunes for lunch. Our hike through Mosaic Canyon was another highlight, as we saw such varied rock formations and colors. We even ran into a dancer we recognized from the night before; she was also an artist, who was sketching the scenery. It was a full day at the end of a long weekend, and we arrived home late. We were tired but happy.