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Eggs Rockefeller

Eggs Rockefeller

I learned a lot in the Boy Scouts, although most of it was not in the Handbook. We improvised, modified, improved, invented, or just disregarded.

Most of our ideas were more “high tech” than the old fashioned ways. We just wanted to have more fun running around in the mountains and less time cooking and cleaning up. We tried a lot of ideas and admittedly some were better than others. Among the best was Eggs Rockefeller, Tiger Patrol style.


• One can cheddar cheese soup

• One can stewed tomatoes, drained (I like the juice).

• 1 dozen hardboiled eggs (boiled at home).

• 1 can sliced Spam, or ham, or Canadian bacon

• 1 package of English muffins

Mix everything together and heat in a coffee can, which can be flattened and thrown away rather than washing a pot. Spoon over English muffins or slice them up and mix with the rest of the ingredients.

Bam! Feeds about six scouts.

Our son was very active in scouting and became an Eagle Scout. His troop also developed recipes and cooking methods which I am sure he wouldn’t mind my sharing some of them. Our grandson is a new scout, so he can carry on some traditions and teach some to us.

– Jerry Dupree

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