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Eggs Benedict

I learned several things while in the Boy Scouts. One of them was the Scouts teach self reliance, confidence, and independence by means of camping out. The first time I went camping with the Boy Scouts I came home tired, dirty, and hadn’t eaten well, but I had a lot of fun.

The next time I went on a campout I learned the art of camping was to come home reasonably clean after sleeping and eating well. We learned all kinds of things to cook and invented others. One of which was our brand of Eggs Benedict which is easy to make, tastes great, and very little clean up. That’s what we called it and it tastes good. Here’s how:

  •  Hard boil two eggs per person
at home.

  •  One can of hollandaise sauce
per four eggs

  •  Either sliced ham, canned ham, Canadian Bacon, or Spam

  •  English muffins

I used to save coffee cans to cook in and never washed them, just flatten and put them in the trash. Since coffee doesn’t come in cans anymore, ask a local restaurant to save empty #10 cans, which are the same size. Use a multi tool (Leatherman) to handle hot cans. Trader Joe’s sells peeled hard boiled eggs in heavy plastic bags, which are ideal for camping, picnics, tailgate meals.

Slice hard boiled eggs, slice ham (etc), mix together with hollandaise sauce, add together in a coffee can, cook, either spoon over sliced English Muffins, or cut them into pieces and mix with the other ingredients. Serve on paper plates or cups. It takes less than 20 minutes to serve up a nice breakfast and less to clean up. Yummy !

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