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BackCountry Gourmet Recipes

Our members share their favorite recipes.

What to do with a bunch of Tomatillos

Jay Lawrence
What to do with a bunch of tomatillos Traditional recipe adapted and fiddled with by Jay Lawrence Anybody who knows me knows I love all things Mexican. My wife, my family, the culture, the countr...

Trail Food

Jerry Dupree
Trail Food by Jerry DuPree There are times when a meal needs to be quick to prepare and to clean up. On our upcoming trip planned for the Anza Borrego Desert State Park and the Overland stage rou...

Trout Cakes

Claudia Heller
Trout Cakes! Yum!  Recipe by Claudia Heller Trout Cakes – No Fish Story Trout is a tasty dish whether fried, baked or barbequed! Camping on a recent fishing trip, I created a recip...

Eggs Rockefeller

Jerry DuPree
Eggs Rockefeller I learned a lot in the Boy Scouts, although most of it was not in the Handbook. We improvised, modified, improved, invented, or just disregarded. Most of our ideas were more &ldq...

Eggs Benedict

Jerry & Dolly DuPree
Eggs Benedict ! I learned several things while in the Boy Scouts. One of them was the Scouts teach self reliance, confidence, and independence by means of camping out. The first time I went campin...

Goldenrod Eggs

Dolly DuPree
Goldenrod Eggs Growing up my sister and I pretty much raised ourselves because our mother and father both worked. We often made our own breakfasts and lunches. My mother bought us a children&rsquo...