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DE General Meeting
Saturday, March 08, 2014, 11:00am

General Meeting and Potluck

Date - Saturday, March 8, 2014

Time -11:00 AM

Location - Allan & Ding Wicker's House


Please attend our Desert Explorer's general meeting of our organization. The setting is informal and relaxed at one of our member's residence. We will share lunch and discuss past events and plan future events. Your opinion matters! We need good ideas and the help of our members to keep the vitality in our club! Please bring any friends that may be interested in joining the Desert Explorers as well.


Directions to Allan and Ding Wicker’s House

In Claremont go north on Indian Hill Blvd. past Foothill Blvd. At the third break in the median (counting from Foothill) turn left into the entrance to Griswold’s townhomes. You will see a set of three gates connected to an ivy-covered wall and tile-roofed townhomes.

From I-210 eastbound the closest exit is Towne Ave. Then south (right) on Towne to Foothill, (left) on Foothill to Indian Hill.

From the I-210 westbound get off at Baseline and go west on Baseline to Indian Hill Blvd. Turn left (south). Approach the northern-most gate at the entrance. Stop there, and at the keyboard punch 037 (there is a directory). That will ring Allan’s phone, and he will answer and open the gate from his phone.

Once the gate is open, pass through it turning right immediately. Then follow the street until the first left opportunity. Turn left and again left at the next opportunity. Park in any available parking area-not along the curb. The 1430 on the side of the house should be visible from the street.

Walk up the driveway, and follow the sidewalk to the house entrance. Desperation calls for assistance (909) 445-0082