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Cool Clear Water

Jerry DuPree
Cool Clear Water by Jerry Dupree How much to bring, how to carry it, keep it cool, purify it and how to use it wisely  We live on “the water planet” and depend on it for everything to suppor...

Intense Talk About Tents

Jerry Dupree
Intense Talk About Tents by Jerry Dupree When shopping for tents there are many choices and decisions to be made. Whatever you do don’t believe the box the tent comes in. When it says it’s a fou...

Wildlife Photography Tricks

Jerry DuPree
Wildlife Photography Tricks  by Jerry Dupree As most of you know I enjoy wildlife photography. I have always loved the outdoors as a hunter, camper, hiker, off roader and happy wanderer. I l...

Local History Website

Craig Baker
Local History Website By Craig Baker I found a useful website that lists historical markers around the Southwest, and around the world. It’s the Historical Marker Data Base, at www.HMDB.org Eac...

Hiking Sticks

Jerry DuPree
A very useful and versatile accessory for hiking in the outdoors is a hiking stick. I have tried different types including “trekking poles” which are very similar to ski poles and collapse to anyon...

Tire Plug Kit

Steve Marschke
Vehicle Preparation: Tire Plug Kit By Steve Marschke I’ve had more flat tires out in the desert than I can count (some well-de.served). Having a spare tire is a no brainer. For your consideratio...

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