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Sound advice

Here's some sound advice from John Page:

  • Especially for the ladies: don't hesitate to drink lots of water in really hot conditions even though you will have to make frequent potty stops. As a wise man (Paul Ferry) once said "'Tis far, far better to pee than to pass out."
  • Bring a 12" long scrap of 2x6 lumber to act as a base for your jack when changing tires on soft soil.
  • Avoid wearing cotton clothing in extreme weather, either hot or cold. Cotton stays wet.
  • Don't wear heavy lug-soled boots for difficult driving; it's too easy to miss the brake or accelerator.

A large safety pin stuck in your paper towel roll will keep it from unrolling while you're moving. It can also be used to poke a hole in eggs before you boil them to prevent cracking. Stainless diaper pins work great.

Be certain that your spare tire is the same size as the rest of your tires and that the rim is the same and will fit the bolt pattern. Do this by removing the spare and putting it on a wheel! You will also find out if your spare tire is easily removable.

Take the wheel locks (lug nuts with a matching "key") off your wheels; they can get stripped and the key can get lost under off-highway tire-changing conditions.

There is no tire that will stand up to off-road abuse as well as the B.F. Goodrich. It is the only tire with a three-ply sidewall.

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