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Cave Paintings of Baja California

Mr. Harry Crosby's beautiful book, The Cave Paintings of Baja California is available now from the Mojave River Valley Museum. This outstanding coffee-table-quality book had been out of print for several years before being revised and republished in 1997. Original editions sell for more than $100 per copy – when you can find them. This new revised edition contains new color plates and is truly a delight. The dustcover has this to say: "This full-color account, revised and expanded from the orignal edition, depicts the author's discovery and documentation of a world-class archaeological region in the remote central Baja California. The paintings were unveiled to the modern world in the 1960s by adventure writer Erle Stanley Gardner in conjunction with a comprehensive study by Dr. Clement Meighan of UCLA. These Great Murals, whose origins remain mysterious to this day, rank with those of southern France, northern Spain, northwest Africa, and outback Australia."

The Mojave River Valley Museum now has this book in stock. The per copy price for non-members is $36.33 (which includes tax and shipping costs). Museum members get 10% off the non-member price for a per-copy cost of $33.10 (which includes tax and shipping costs). The Museum number is (619) 256-5452.