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Windshield Adventuring?

Windshield Adventuring sounds like a good phrase to me! Too bad Barstow Mojave River Valley Museum members Russell and Kathlynn Spencer invented it. They even write books using that title. Tired of sitting around weekends when no one else is going out to see the sights? Have we got a deal for you! The Spencer’s have traveled extensively alone in a stock Cherokee and written guidebooks to the exciting places found so we can share with them. Sounds kind of touchy feely doesn't it? Guess I am getting old, and it shows in my writing. Living with Marian will do that to a man, Ha!

Back to the book review: there are two books written in a similar style; Windshield Adventuring Through the Mojave Desert covers, Guess What? While Windshield Adventuring in Southern & Central Nevada covers, Guess Again! Both books have places I have never been, Gasp! and are replete with good pictures and maps. If that weren’t enough, they are revised frequently! Bill Mann, you have competition. Who will be the next Museum member to write a book?

These books are not for rock crawlers but are great for people with a pickup or SUV and an urge to go to out-of-the-way places that are relatively safe to access alone. Examples are Burro Schmidt’s tunnel in the El Paso Mountains, Dirty Sock Hot Springs (it caused me to lose my hair in the 50s), or check out the UFO’s near Rachel, Nevada. The combination of mileage, directions and maps should keep you from getting lost, besides, you do have a GPS and a DeLorme don’t you? Four wheel drive is usually not required, but you will have to use good sense as road conditions can change quickly in the Great American Desert.

The Spencers' website contains updates on the destinations in the books. The books are self published, about 100 pages, 8 1/2 x 11 inches and are available for $15.95 from: Windshield Adventures 3600 S. Harbor Blvd. #338 Oxnard CA 93035 (805) 382-1948 or check the Museum for copies.

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