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Satellite Telephone Policy

Attention: The Desert Explorers Satellite phone is currently deactivated until further notice. We still own it, we just did not continue to subscribe to the service.

Policy on the use of the Desert Explorers’ satellite telephone

The Desert Explorers’ satellite telephone is primarily for use in emergency situations during Desert Explorers’ trips when conventional telephone or cell-phone service is unavailable.

  • An emergency is defined as a sudden crisis requiring action: an unexpected and sudden event that must be dealt with urgently.
  • A trip is defined as a posted (in the newsletter and/or on the website) event or a pre-run for a posted event.

The Trip Leader has the authority to permit important outgoing calls, such as:

  • Calls to family members or concerned friends, telling them of changes in trip itinerary or changes in the date and/or time of return.
  • Calls which will result in the peace-of-mind of trip participants.

However, the Trip Leader is responsible that the cost of the call, at $1.30 per minute, is reimbursed to the Desert Explorers.

The Trip Leader is responsible for the care and use of the device and for the determination that an emergency exists; the actual possession and operation may, however, be delegated. The Trip Leader will not be held financially responsible for damage to, loss of, theft of, or mysterious disappearance of, the telephone if reasonable care and security are provided.

The coordination and scheduling of the use of the telephone is the responsibility of the Satellite Phone Coordinator (currently Ken Sears) who will keep it during periods of inactivity.

  • Leaders of multi-day trips into remote areas are encouraged, but not required, to take the satellite telephone on the trip.
  • Leaders of one-day trips or trips into areas where cell-phone coverage is adequate are not encouraged to take the satellite telephone on the trip.
  • The telephone will be kept in a container that is suitable for shipping/mailing; a procedure for shipping/mailing the telephone to the next user, or back to the Satellite Phone Coordinator, will be provided with the telephone. The cost of shipping/mailing the telephone will be covered by the Desert Explorers.
  • Trip Leaders who take the telephone on a trip will ship/mail the telephone to the next user or to the Satellite Phone Coordinator within three working days after returning home from the trip.