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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 00:00

2001 Trip Report - Kofa Mountains

Written by

The Kofa Mountains Trip

February 17 through 19,  2001

by Bob Jaussaud

They were known as the S.H. Mountains because of the distinctive outhouse profile you can see when looking at them from the west. Later, the name  was changed to the Short Horn Mountains to meet with the sensibilities of the gentler sex. Then, after Charlie Eichelberger sat down to rest in a  shelter cave and saw the gold vein that gave birth to the "King of  Arizona" Mine, these rugged mountains in southwestern Arizona became know as the  KOFAs.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 00:00

2000 Trip report - Baja California

Written by

Baja Xmas

by Neal Johns

December 23, 2000

Met son Dave Cox, friends Ken and Diane Sears, and Dave McFarland at 11:00 a.m. in the mini-mall (very) parking lot just left of the Tecate border crossing. Tecate is the only way to go; no crowds, no wait, no hassle. We asked permission to park in the few custom inspection spots and received it with two of us sent to park across the street in the reserved spots. Dave McFarland inadvertently parked on a gardener's hose and quickly moved when the gardener complained. The upset gardener told him $25 dollars or he would report his license plate number to the authorities. No deal said Dave M. So far Dave M. is still a free man but who knows who the gardener knows? 

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 00:00

2000 Trip Report - Hungry Valley Day Trip

Written by

Hungry Valley Day Trip

Led, reported, and photographed by Steve Bein

Saturday December 2, 2000: It was 9:00 and I was still looking for the second off ramp and the Denny's where Ana said we should meet. For those not familiar with Gorman, our meeting point, there is a Sizzlers, Carl’s Jr and a diner in between. There is only one off ramp. We all found each other, so no harm no foul.

After breakfast, the group of 4 vehicles and six people, Steve Bein leader, Gordon Lohan, Robb Anderson, Ana Romero, Homer Meek and Jim Cox, all drove under I5 to Hungry Valley OHV recreation area, paid our $4 fee and went in. The first challenge was at the power line road where we climbed some paths that motorcyclists use. I was driving the lowest-powered vehicle, my old/new 87 Mitsubishi Montero and went up first.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 00:00

2000 Trip Report - Cajon Pass Day Trip

Written by

Cajon Pass Day Trip

By Bob Jacoby

It was a bright, sunny Sunday morning as 23 vehicles  gathered at the beginning of the old Swarthout Logging Road in north San      Bernardino. Since the average number of people per vehicle was well over  two, this may have been one of the largest groups we have ever had on a  single trip. We were very fortunate to have Nick Cataldo along on the  trip. Nick probably knows more about the history of this area than anyone  and was very informative throughout the trip. After introductions,  sign-ins and the resolution of some mechanical problems, including an  undiagnosed problem with Betty Wallin’s vehicle, the group got under  way. The Swarthout Logging Road, which is now a Forest Service Road, was  surprisingly scenic as we worked our way up the mountain. It was a  relatively clear day, and the views of San Bernardino Valley below were  exceptionally good. Our first stop was at the Jedediah Smith Monument atop  a peak a good distance up the mountain. This monument commemorates      Smith’s incredible journey through this area in, I believe, 1826. Smith  was on his way from the San Gabriel Mission back to the Rockies. Our group  was so large that when we stopped to visit the monument the line of      vehicles stretched for a very long distance along the trail.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 00:00

2000 trip report - San Sevaine day trip

Written by

Lost in the Foggy Foggy Dew

By Marian Johns with a little help from Neal

Nineteen people in thirteen vehicles met at our home in Lytle Creek for the San Sevaine day trip. Participants were Dave McFarland, Ana Romero and her friend Robb Anderson, Tim Mullins, Roger and  Alice Cannon, Dave Cox (my son), Jim Kay and his son Ryan, both driving  their own Jeeps, Chuck and Jeanice Kalbach, Dave Welbourn, Mike and  Phyllis Aguilar, Reda Anderson, Bob and Shirley Bolin, leader, Marian  Johns and current hubby Neal. Son Dave served as Tail End Charlie and  picked up the Jeep parts as they fell off.

Well, we had some good luck and some bad luck for  this outing. Good luck consisted of the fact that: No Forest Adventure  pass was required. I discovered that there are a few days during the year when the fee is waived, and it just happened that the weekend of September  23 and 24 was set aside to honor National Public Lands. I also learned  that if you are just passing through National Forest lands, you don’t  need a pass. As long as you stay in your vehicle you’re “passing through”. But if you get out of your vehicle you are “recreating”  and you do need a pass. There seems to be a blurry line between recreating  and passing through. If you are passing through, but have stopped and are  still in your vehicle, you’re OK if your engine is still warm. If it’s cold, you’re probably recreating. Are you thoroughly confused now?

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 00:00

Trip Reports - 2000 - Panamints

Written by

Panamints, August 12, 2000

By Robb Anderson

Alan promised us that at a higher elevation, there would be some relief from the heat of Death Valley. I really hoped he was right because at 8 a.m. in Ballarat the mercury was already warning us not to spend too much time outside our air conditioned 4x4’s. In attendance were Alan Romspert (our fearless leader), Linda Harris, Bill Ott (the rock counter), Ana Romero, Mike and Phyllis Aguilar, Reda Anderson, Steve Bein, Leonard and Rebecca Friedman, and myself.

We aired down and right outta the gate the trail got challenging. There was slimy water trickling down over the sand covered rocks as we attempted to motor up the hill toward the first of several mines we were to explore. Steve got his Infinity QX3 stuck in a hole and needed to be pulled out by Reda’s Jeep. It was then noticed that the Infinity had a severe toe-in problem. The steering tie rod was now bent at a 90 degree angle. Alan and I proceeded to do our best to straighten it out while the others held a tarp over our heads shielding us from the scorching rays of the sun. After getting the rod fairly straight it was decided to leave the Infinity there and proceed with the trip. Steve rode the rest of the way with Reda.

Without any further mishaps, we had lunch in the shade of an abandoned building near a mine. After lunch we progressed up to higher elevations in an attempt to beat the 100 degree heat. Along the way we spotted several wild asses.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 00:00

Trip Reports - 2000 - Mongolia

Written by

Mongolia - Camels, Yaks, Takhis, and Gers

Trip report by Neal and Marian Johns

 Where do you find all these things? In Mongolia, of course; everyone knows that. So what is a Lytle Creek couple doing at the end of the earth? Read on.

It started when one of our Desert Explorers ladies named Reda said “You can go with us to the Gobi Desert if you think you can handle the trip at your age”. A challenge! There is no way I wanted to spend the money to travel to the end of the earth, but my manhood was at stake, so I said, “Sure, if Marian thinks she can handle it at her age”. Unfortunately, Marian was eager to go, so off we went. “We” included Joe Daly, Paul Ferry, John Page, Steve Bein, Larry Reese, Marian Johns, Neal Johns and our hardnosed DI, Reda Anderson. The custom trip was set up by Reda working with Boojum Expeditions, which I can’t say enough good things about. While I didn’t work with the US staff as Reda did, the guides and Bobo, the Ulaan Baatar office manager, were first class.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 00:00

Trip Report - 2000 - Rocky Mountain High

Written by

Rocky Mountain High—In Colorado

By Dan Messersmith 

Leaders: Bob Martin, John Page

Photos by Dan Messersmith, John Page, and Paul Ferry

Monday, 7/31/00

The trip began in Ouray at 9AM. Our leaders, Bob & Marilyn Martin were joined by Dan & Matt Messersmith, Doug & Nancy Nunn, John & Lucy Perko, George Gilster, Bob & Shirley Bolin, and John Page with Paul Ferry. We all fell in line with Dan and Matt in the "sweep" position.

The first objective was to enjoy the falls of Box Canyon on the outskirts of Ouray. A very refreshing way to start the day.

After the falls, we were driving up a nearby canyon, towards Yankee Boy Basin. We viewed the Camp Bird Mine operations, Sneffels townsite (AKA Porter) and the Revenue Mine and Mill ruins.

 Moving further up the canyon, we visited the area of the Yankee Boy mine and the lovely basin that bears its name. While there were some flowers to be seen, we were a week or two late for the magnificence flowering the basin can produce. It was still quite lovely and well worth the trip.

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Wednesday, 22 January 2014 00:00

Trip Reports - 2000 - Anza Borrego

Written by


By Robb Anderson and Ana Romero
Aka: "Rawbanana"

At first I wasn't sure that I wanted to go; I mean there was an air show at Point Mugu on the same weekend for cryin' out loud! 

"Of course, I had fun in Shoshone last month. These Desert Explorers are really great people," I said to Ana who was trying her best to convince me to take her out to the desert for a fun weekend of off-roading and camping. She twisted my arm and I started packing and preparing my 4Runner for the trip.

"What time do we need to be there?" I asked.

"8 a.m. Saturday" was her reply.

Let's see...if it takes 2 and a half hours to get to the desert...hmmmm....
FIVE THIRTY IN THE MORNING!!! ON A SATURDAY??? This better be worth it!


Wednesday, 22 January 2014 00:00

Trip Reports - 2000 - Photography Day

Written by

Photography Day Trip/Mojave River Valley Museum Barbecue

by Allan Wicker

This was a day and trip of good fortune for most participants. Before assembling at our meeting point in Barstow, several people dropped off cookies for the Mojave River Valley Museum Barbecue that we would rejoin later in the day. Everyone was on time. We were a group of 8 vehicles, 15 people, 1 dog, and an unknown number of cameras when we started out from Barstow. The weather (a slight wind, not excessively hot) was good.

Shortly after we left the I-40 Freeway near Daggett, a desert tortoise was just completing a road crossing ahead of us. We stopped to take pictures. Being sympathetic to this endangered species, we did our best not to disturb him/her. He/she responded in kind by keeping his/her head and legs out of the shell, and moving around slowly to facilitate our photographic efforts. I took this occasion to distribute a list of photo tips.

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