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Thursday, 11 June 2015 23:34

2015 - Ryan Camp Trip report #2

Written by

Ryan Camp Trip

May 19/20, 2015

Leaders- Emmett & Ruth Harder

We were excited to be going to the Ryan Camp. It was a very large and well preserved facility that had been the paramount mine for the US Borax Company where for years they had mined Colemanite, a Borax ore. After they developed other mines they converted the facility into a tourist Mecca, which lasted for a short few years. After that was discontinued they still maintained the large camp with resident caretakers.  The Rio Tinto Corporation donated the property to the Death Valley Conservancy (This was finalized in April, 2013). The restoration and preservation of Ryan Camp is made possible by generous donations from Rio Tinto and U.S. Borax.

We had been invited as a small group to tour the Camp, guided by the current restorers and caretakers, Scott Smith and his wife, Dr. Jessica Smith RPA, who is Director of Archeology Ryan Operations.

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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 23:35

2015 - Trip Report Ryan Camp Trip

Written by

Leaders: Emmett & Ruth Harder

May 19 & 20, 2015

by Steve Jarvis

This trip was amazing! Touring the camp was like entering a time capsule. Over the years since it became a ghost camp, very little vandalism or destruction had taken place due to constant protection by various caretakers. Most of the original Pacific Coast Borax Company buildings and much of the contents is still there, giving us the feeling that we were walking back in time. We didn’t know what to expect before we got there, but thanks to the efforts of Emmett and Ruth Harder, our guide Scott Smith and his anthropologist wife, Dr. Jessica Smith, our visit was truly memorable. Scott is doing a meticulous job of restoring the buildings and points of interest while Dr. Jessica is doing a detailed site survey and the historical research. Together they are working to get Ryan Camp recognized as a National Historic Site. I have no doubt they will be successful.  

Tuesday, 09 June 2015 22:53

2015 - Trip Report Pre & Post Ryan

Written by

by Bob and Sue Jaussaud

May16 - 22, 2015


We used the  Mohave River Valley Museum's barbecue on May 16 as the kickoff for our PrePost Ryan adventure.  It appeared that everyone at the barbecue had a wonderful time and enjoyed some tasty eats.  I know we did.  Thanks to all the museum folks for putting this event on.

Saturday afternoon, with good feelings and very full stomachs, our little group headed north to start the Pre part of our Ryan adventure.  Since the weather was unseasonably cool, we decided to stay at lower elevations.  Saturday night we camped by a small stream in the Sierra foothills south of Olancha.  Nelson and Ellen fixed a very savory salad for Mignon, Sue and I.

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Tuesday, 09 June 2015 22:43

2015 - Trip Report - Tejon Ranch Trip

Written by

Leader: Bob Jacoby

May 2, 2015

Over the years the Desert Explorers have had great trips to interesting places all over California and the entire Southwest.  On every one of these trips you could be sure that one or more DE members had been to the area before.  That is why the Tejon Ranch trip on May 2 was so unique.  No Desert Explorer had been there before and no one else had either with the exception of individuals working for the Tejon Ranch. 


The following individuals arrived at the Tejon Ranch Conservancy headquarters in Lebec on a sunny Saturday morning for this very unusual adventure:  Bob Jacoby, Nan Savage-Healy, Ted Kalil, Alan Wicker, Fredic Raab, Mignon Slentz. Glenn Shaw, Leonard Friedman, Ron and Barbara Mildowski, Danny and Norma Siler, Randy Mathews, Nelson Miller, Mike Volmart, Ron Lipari and Mal Roode.

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Traversing the Great Western Trail

It already felt like mid-summer in southern Arizona as a group of ten Desert Explorers met near Cave Creel. Arizona to begin an adventure along theArizona portion of The Great Western Trail (GWT). This hardy group included Yours Truly, Ellen and Nelson Miller, Richard Brazier, “Coop” Cooper and his dog Toby, Marian and Neal Johns, Bill and Julie Smith from relatively nearby Flagstaff, and new member Bill Powell who came all the way from Oregon. This gung ho group gathered together on the morning of Friday March 10 near Cave Creek, Arizona to begin this very interesting trek.

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Thursday, 14 May 2015 23:41

2015 - Rondy Report - Mazourka Canyon

Written by

Mazourka Canyon Trip Report
April 4, 2015

Attending: Bill and Julie Smith, Ted and Joan Berger; Louis Valencia; Nancy Maclean; Ron Ross; Terry and Eileen Ogden; Homer Meek; Peter and Janet Austin; Marian and Neal Johns; Nan Healy; Graham “Coop” Cooper; Deborah Nakamoto; June Box; Bruce Barnett; and Sue and me.


The Plan: A drive up Mazourka Canyon to Mazourka Peak and out to the Big Pine Road, back to Big Pine and then home to Boulder Creek. If time and participants allowed, a side trip to the Reward Mine. It was expected we’d be back by 3 or 4pm, time enough to clean up and head for the activities. The trail was anticipated to be easy and we could make any stops along the way that were of interest.

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Thursday, 14 May 2015 23:37

2015 - Rondy Report - Cerro Gordo

Written by

Rondy Trip Report
Cerro Gordo
Saturday, April 4

By: Steve Jarvis

First of all I want to thank Bob Jacoby, Emmett and Ruth Harder and everyone who went on our trip for helping me succeed on my first attempt at leading a DE trip. Thank you!

Nineteen explorers in eleven vehicles left the Boulder Creek RV Park pretty much on time at 9am. It was a pretty morning perfect for a little DE adventure into the Inyo Mountains. The group headed for Hwy 136, an easy 13-mile drive to the turnoff at Keeler. I fumbled a little at first trying to get the hang of using my new CB radio but with Emmett and Ruth Harder in the sweep position backing me up on the CB, things went pretty smoothly.

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Coso Mountains Inbound Trip

It was with anticipation of a great Rondy weekend that a group of ten Desert Explorers met on Friday morning, April 3, at Red Mountain near the south end of the Owens Valley. The participants included Bob Jacoby and Richard Brazier, Janet Austin and her friend, Fredric Raab and Maggie Clark, Daniel Dick and Bobbie Sanchez, Ron and Barbara Mildowski, June Box, and Debbie Nakamoto.

This group which consisted of seven cars was soon off for their first adventure of a busy weekend. The Coso Mountains are at the southern end of the Owens Valley on the east side of Hiway 395. Much of the Coso Range is, unfortunately, not accessible, as it is within the boundaries of the China Lake Naval Air Weapons Station. But on this trip we were determined to completely explore the area that is still available to the public.

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Two Day Rondy 2015 Inbound

The folks on the two-day inbound trip met at the Barstow Harvey House bright and early Thursday morning. After the greetings and hugs, we headed out in the wrong direction and were immediately lost. Seems the leader’s GPS had decided to keep all the trip waypoints in some secret, unreadable cache. We were back in the dark ages, leading with a compass and a topo.

After tossing the GPS out the window (not really, just metaphorically) we somehow managed to work our way out of Barstow in the right direction. Several wrong turns later, we actually found our first site, the elusive XB-70 crash site in the middle of nowhere. If you can choose between being good or lucky, definitely choose to be lucky. Our luck did improve and we managed to visit a rock house, an old mining camp complete with arrastra, two springs, an abandoned ranch, an abandoned airfield, a couple of rock tanks and Coolgardie. Our last stop for the day was for a group photo perched in an abandoned sailboat, again in the middle of no where. We camped Thursday night at a pretty little site near Black Canyon. Many thanks to the campers, and especially Ron Lipari, for a wonderful happy hour and potluck.

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Thursday, 14 May 2015 23:18

2015 - Desert Explorers Rondy Recap

Written by

Rondy Recap

by Bob Jacoby

Despite a little bit more adventure than planned on one Saturday trip, everyone seemed to have a great time at the Lone Pine Rondy. We started with two interesting inbound trips. Bob and Sue Jaussaud, as usual, led an extensive two day inbound trip. That got everything off to a good start. In addition, a group of us did an inbound trip on Friday through the wild flower covered Coso Mountains. Both groups arrived at Boulder Creek in Lone Pine in time for the evening pot luck dinner which was held in the clubhouse. Steve Marschke and Bob Jaussaud had plenty of time to successfully setup the silent auction on Friday night.

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