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A Tidbit on Getting Away

Written by Glenn Shaw

A Tidbit on Getting Away

I have often wondered why I have such a huge urge to get away, I think it has much to do with simplicity. A life on the road is simple when traveling with my small camper. I bring only a few possessions along – but each one is important to me. The clutter of my life is left behind and out of mind. My life back home is too filled with “stuff” - clothes I don’t need, shoes I never wear, junk drawers filled with things I don’t need, gadgets I don’t use, books and magazines I’ll never read. In my camper are just the things I really need; a few changes of clothes, food, a bed and gasoline to get me someplace. I have no mail no phone and no surprise company. I have no cable TV with 200 channels I don’t watch. There is one wastebasket to empty and everything has its place. On the road my life feels very uncomplicated, simple and manageable.

~ snipped and saved by Glen Shaw

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