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Trips taken in 2012.

Turtle Mountains Introduction

by Deb Miller Marschke

I had worked with Dave Given and Bob Rodemeyer in  coordinating our trips to the Turtle Mountains area.  We had unknowingly planned  trips for the same area, but through conference and planning our trips were  different.  The only common quality was traveling from Needles south on the 95.   We had our groups line up in the same place. It was a little chaotic at first,  but we managed to get both groups lined up and sorted out ;Bob & Dave’s group  were at the lead of the pack, and our group comprised the second half.  Bob &  Dave peeled off the highway and headed for West Well.  Steve and I had eleven  vehicles with us:  Ron Ross & Nancy McClean, Bill & Barbara Gossett, . Our trip  was focused on the mineral resources that are found in the Turtle Mountains.   Steve and I were traveling in our Jeep CJ without a roof – it was a cold day  that threatened of rain.  Sometimes, rain would lightly spit on us, but not  enough to soak.  It was never raining when our group exited the vehicles to  explore.

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2012 Trip Report - DE Rendezvous - Gold Dome Mine

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Gold Dome Mine & Jackpot Springs

Saturday, April 14

Leaders: Charles and Mary Hughes

The  day dawned rainy with no wind, but it did not stop Mignon Slentz, Glenn Shaw,  Bob and Karen Monsen, Sunny and Jean Hansen, Kristan and Jim Proffitt and  Charles and Mary Hughes from putting on their slickers and hiking the trail.  When we got to the trail head the consensus was let's go!! We started out at  9:30 a.m. and got to Jack Pot Springs around 10:20 a.m. We spent some good time  there looking at the "town" site which has a few old rock walls left standing.  Sunny Hansen also found a habitation site, good find Sunny. We visited the  springs and then made our way up an old mining road to Gold Dome Mine.

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2012 Trip Report - DE Rendezvous -Mojave Road Outbound

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Outbound - Mojave Road

Sunday, April 15

Leaders: Charles and Mary Hughes


We  all met at the Needles Museum at 9:00 a.m. Spent some quality time there, and  then left around 9:40 a.m. to start the trip. In the caravan was Danny and Norma  Siler, Bruce Barnett. Tommy Perasso and friend Glenda, Jerry and Joni Harada,  Debbie and Steve Marschke, and Charles and Mary Hughes.

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Outbound on the Heritage Trail

Sunday, April 15

Leaders: Neal &Marian Johns


The plan was to follow the First Segment of the Heritage Trail to Ward Valley  and then head over to the Old Woman Mountains where Painted Rock and Sunflower  Springs are located. We made it to Painted Rock on schedule and found another  group there ahead of us, but they soon left. We all scrambled up to the cave  with the pictographs overlooking the water-filled tinaja below. What a special  place this is; I think it’s my favorite in all of the East Mojave. After much  photo-taking of the pictographs, we walked back to the vehicles for lunch.

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2012 Trip Report - DE Rondy Recap and Photos

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DE Annual Rendezvous 2012

Needles, Californina

April 13, 14, 15

By Marian Johns

I would like to thank everyone who attended this year’s Rondy in Needles for your  support. And I would also like to thank all who helped in some way make this a  memorable weekend. Some of the folks did double duty – helping in more than one  way. They are:


¨ Bob  Jacoby – money collector and list of participants’ keeper 

¨ Bob & Sue Jaussaud – my Needles’ contact, silent auctioneer and inbound trip leaders

¨ Mary & Charles Hughes – also my Needles’ contact, leaders of Saturday and Sunday  trips

¨ Mary  Hughes – helping set up the Silent Auction Friday while Joso was leading the  inbound trip

¨ Steve & Debbie Marschke – silent auctioneer and Saturday trip leaders

¨ Dave  Given (hope you’re recovering from your fall) & Bob Rodemeyer – inbound trip  leaders and Saturday trip leaders

¨ Neal & Marian Johns – Sunday trip leaders

¨ Ron  Ross – Saturday night program – his impressive presentation about his  grandmother, “The Girl from Williamsburg”

¨ Jim  Proffitt – (good to see you up and about) video maker of Ron’s program

¨ Donators  and purchasers of silent auction items

¨ Everyone  who helped clean up after the meals

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2012 Trip Report - Spring Mountain

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Spring Mountain Range

May 5 and 6,  2012

Leader: Glenn Shaw

This  trip was planned as a one day tour of the Spring Mountains with a museum and  winery visit the next day. With this in mind and the close proximity of  Pahrump’s hotels, restaurants and campgrounds it was decided not to have a  campsite and potluck. But who would have thought that Pahrump would be sold out  that weekend with no major event going on? With a flurry of emails back and  forth between participants it was decided to meet at the Saddle West Casino at  5:00 p.m. Friday and caravan 8 miles to the east of Pahrump and camp between the  towering walls of Wheeler Wash for the night. The full moon was out big and  bright, the weather was ideal and it was a pleasant night for at least some of  us who were sound sleepers. It seems we were visited during the night by a party  crowd from Pahrump who chose to party just up the wash from our camp. They must  have had fun judging by the collection of beer cans left behind. Saturday  morning we assembled at the Saddle West Casino again to wait for anyone who was  not with our camping group, Emmett & Ruth were the only ones.

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2012 Trip Report - White Mountains

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White Mountains

July 21-22, 2012

By: Jay Lawrence

On Saturday morning, our first surprise was Ted Kalil appearing at our campsite in Big Pine and announcing that everybody but Allan Wicker was already here, having coffee and ready to head for the hills! Sylvia and I had pulled in late the evening before and (ever observant) I hadn't recognized any of their vehicles. Joining Ted was Homer Meek, Mignon Slentz and Nelson Miller. Our daughter Ariel, her husband Nick and eight month old granddaughter Alice had rolled in and set up camp next to us in the wee hours of Friday night. So everybody said hello, Allan showed up and we all signed in, anxious to move out.

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