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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 22:10

2011 Trip Report - Neal's Uneventful Trip

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Uneventful Trip

By Neal Johns

We joined Sunny and Jean Hansen and others on a private rock  art trip along the Little Colorado River in northern Arizona to chase down dead  Indian graffiti and capture it on camera. The rock art was readily accessible  and all went well until we got a p.m. phone call saying her only sibling, Bill,  had died the day before. He had been hit by a car a year and a half ago while  riding his bicycle and suffered a massive head injury. This ultimately resulted  in his death.

We drove all night to get home and spent a few days taking care of the  immediate required details. Marian was not doing real and we decided to get away  for a while. To the desert we went; where else? Nevada, this time, where there  are no people and no problems. A vast basin and range country just waiting to be  explored.

Wednesday, 05 February 2014 22:11

2011 Trip Report - Mountain Meadows Massacre Site

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Mountain Meadows Massacre, Utah

May 14 -15 , 2011

By Ruth Harder

We’ve had so many calls and emails about what  happened to Emmett I decided to try to give everyone a ‘Reader’s Digest’ version  of what has transpired in the last couple of months.

Besides Emmett and me, our group consisted of Bob  Jacoby, Malcolm & Jean Roode, Scott Roode, Glen Shaw, Mignon Slentz, Jim  Proffitt, Danny Siler, Larry Boerio, John Henderson, and Steve & Debbie Marschke.  We gathered early Saturday morning (May 14) in Leeds, Utah; where introductions  were made all around and Emmett and Prof. Leo Lyman gave a presentation  orienting us in what led up to the massacre, where we would go and what we would  see.

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Young DE Member Hannah Friedman made this video about us - click the link:



Wednesday, 05 February 2014 22:14

2011 Trip Report - Wild Bill takes us to Mina, Nevada

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Mina, NV

6/10/11 to 6/13/11

Leader: Bill Gossett

By Mal Roode

When we met Bill Gossett at Sunrise RV Park in  Mina, Nevada on Thursday afternoon he said he planned on 'overwhelming us."  I  thought that was a pretty strong word at the time. But as the days progressed, I  WAS completely overwhelmed (but in a good way)! What a bunch of fast-moving,  long exploring days we had! Bill is a great trip leader and he really kept us  moving. In the group were: Bill and Barb Gossett, Steve Marschke and Debbie  Miller, Mal and Jean Roode, Bob and Sue Jaussaud, Jeanne  Murrin, Mignon Slentz, Glenn Shaw, Sunny and Jean Hansen, Dave McFarland and  Vicki Hill. We saw too many cabins and mines to mention them all. We also saw  some of the most unique Petroglyphs I have ever seen in Rattlesnake Canyon.

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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 22:15

2011 Trip Report - Galapagos Islands

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A Day in the Galapagos Islands

June 19, 2011

By Allan Wicker

On the morning of June 19, 2011, Ding and I  awoke in a cabin on the Tip Top III, a 100-foot yacht that cruises the  Galapagos Islands. The previous night we had encountered some rough seas as our  vessel crossed open waters on its approach to Genovesa Island. But beginning  around 3:00 a.m., when the yacht arrived and anchored, it was calm.

After breakfast, we and the 13 other passengers on the  yacht loaded into two dinghies for a hike on the island. This hike, on the third  day of our weeklong tour of several islands, was one of the most impressive of  the trip. (Most Galapagos tours don’t include Genovesa on their itineraries,  because it is an outlier, about 7 hours from its closest neighbor.)

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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 22:16

2011 Trip Report - MOE trip photos

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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 22:19

2011 Trip Report - Lost Again in Nevada

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Lost Again in Nevada

By Neal Johns, 2011

Nevada keeps calling us back, so here we go  again. This time it is several ranges of mountains with their many canyons. We  are not alone - our dog sitter/handyman and his companion are going with us in a  separate vehicle. Said companion has not been into the wilderness before so it  will be an "interesting" experience for her. :-) Our rescued Husky Dixie is also  coming along.Our first stop was Tonopah, where we bought some gas  and visited my mandatory bookstore where we heard that people were finding old  bottles in the now-closed old city dump, so off we went to try our luck. A few  semi-modern bottles were found and we left the rest to anyone who knew where to  dig, and then headed for Pea Vine Canyon to camp for the night. There is always  water in the creek there and several nice primitive campsites. The next morning  we drove west to Cottonwood Canyon and paused while our friends checked out an  old airplane wreck on the side of the mountain. We had seen it years before but  do not know anything about it. It was a light plane and survivors were unlikely.

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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 22:21

2011 Trip Report - The Stolls in South Africa

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In South Africa!

By Anne Stoll , 2011

 The Drakensberg Mountains of South Africa! What a place! The other side of  the globe, culturally and physically, and yet you can get there in a day (OK, a  loooong day). We’re back, I think – though some of me is still there hiking the  hills, marveling and trying to take it all in. A land of fantastic beauty and  yet familiar somehow, like Southern California in many ways with eucalyptus and  golden dry grasses and (for us, anyway) lots of sunshine. But then you have the  blesboks and springboks and zebras grazing – and oops! Not so familiar after  all. We (eight of us) had an excellent local guide, an archaeologist with a  great personality (!) who led us to about a dozen painted rock shelters where  George and the group photographed to their hearts’ content (see photo). There  were several all-day hikes involved but despite some pre-trip anxiety,  yours-truly happily kept up with the pack. With botanist friend Gary James  along, nature was fully explored and treasured from tiny succulents to flowering  protea trees. The lodges were excellent – some with unusual architecture (see  photo). We stayed three nights in a lion sanctuary where the "music" of roaring  big cats at sunset enhanced our Happy Hour. Such a rich and beautiful place!

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The Tucson International Treasure Hunt

By Deb Miller Marschke  (article written October 2011)

Fall  season has arrived and with it, hunting season. My husband, Steve Marschke, was  raised in North Dakota, so every fall he joins his family for some quality time  and quality deer hunting (animal lovers - don’t fret. Up that that part of our country, hunting is very necessary to keep the deer population healthy and  stable). Well, I have a little joke I tell every February …I get to go hunting  too. My “hunting trip” means I travel to Tucson, Arizona to treasure hunt at the  Tucson International Gem and Mineral Show. I know what a lot of you are thinking  – it’s like the one at Quartzsite, right? Why go to all the trouble and expense  traveling to Tucson when we can get the same fix at the Greatest Show on Earth  in Quartzsite?   I’m here to testify that “Quartzsite is to Tucson” as “an appetizer is to a  banquet.”

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Walmart Camping

By Bob Jaussaud

Sue  finally relented last year and let me buy the big ol' stinkin' diesel truck.  Next, we found a Lance camper that made the diesel truck look small. One of our  first trips in the combined rig was to the DE Rendezvous last year at Borrego  Springs, so many of you might have seen it. Camping in the Lance is our version  of luxury camping.

     This year, we missed our usual late Summer - early Fall trip with the  Skamper and DE friends, so Sue and I decided to head to the Rockies and see the  Fall colors in comfort. We loaded the Lance, put our bikes on the rack and took  off from Lone Pine on September 21. It turned out to be a near perfect trip. I'd  like to commend Walmart for making one night easy and enjoyable for us.

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