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Quartzsite January 20 & 26 2011

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Quartzsite January 20 & 26 2011 By Jeannie Jacobs

Jim and Jeannie Jacobs arrived on 1/17 and picked an open area to camp that  would accomadate 10 units or more. Dick and Connie Taylor with Sassie arrived on  the 19th, as well as Doug and Nancy Nunn with Tyler, Max and Kiva, and Steve and  Wendy Mathisen with Daisy. On 1/20, Dan and Jan Messersmith with Buddy arrived. On 1/21, Carl and Nancy Noah and Mal  and Jean Roode arrived. Bob and Shirley Bolin arrived. Charles and Mary Hughes  arrived on the 23rd. Our first trip led by Dick was to Castle Rock Dome with Dan as sweep. Homer  Weeks and Lou Valencia drove in from Blythe and joined us that day. We drove  approximately 116 miles, and was Delighted with everything we saw. There was a  nice stop at the visitor area with maps of the area. We toured the Castle Dome  Miners Museum, which turned out to be a wonderful experience. The Buildings were  kept up very well with a lot of work and refurbishing/or possibly moved in.  There Was tons of memorabilia to see, and all well preserved. It was well worth  the stop. Dick and Connie picked a really nice lunch spot, and we were being  watched by a big horn sheep. Jim also picked out A really big ground  squirrel????? We then traveled back to camp with some spectacular scenery along  the way.

Desert Explorers in Sri Lanka

By Marian Johns

First of all, I want to say that this was a memorable trip that I am glad I  took. I have no real regrets despite a multitude of problems, problems that  hounded us from the first to the very last day of our tour. Fifteen of us (seven  were people I already knew from our Desert Explorers organization) were  traveling with OAT – Overseas Adventure Travel. Our initial problems started  because our Air India flight from NYC to Delhi, India was five hours late. This  started a domino effect - consequently we missed our connecting “in transit”  flight to Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka; there wasn’t another for 24 hours.  Air India put us up in the Centaur Hotel for the night, but by doing so, we  officially entered India. And India just happens to have a very inconvenient  restriction – not more than one entry in less than two months. Oops! So, if we  go to Sri Lanka first as for our scheduled week there – per our itinerary, how  will we reenter India for the rest of our tour?

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2011 Trip Report - Piute Wilderness

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Piute Mountains Wilderness

February 19 and 20, 2011

written by Leader Mal Roode

The weather for this trip was forecast to be cold, wet and windy. In spite of  the weather, eleven people participated - Steve and Debbie Marschke, Glenn Shaw,  Mignon Slentz, Ron Lipari, Bob Jaussaud, Nelson Miller, Ellen Miller, and  Charles and Mary Hughes.

We met at Essex at 0830 where Bob Jaussaud pointed out an old building. He  said that when it was open for business they sold pickled quail eggs among other  things.

Our first stop was yet another old WW II desert training base. Bob Jaussaud  found it years ago. There were rock alignments and some stakes but not much  else.

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2011 Trip Report - DE Rendezvous - Truckhaven

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Truckhaven Trail

Saturday, April 2

Leader: Ted Kalil

This run was an option at the Rendezvous which was in addition to the several  other runs that day. We met at the front of the Palm Canyon Resort and left a  little after 9:00 a.m. In the group were Rick and Sharon Cords, Mal and Jean  Roode, Neal and Marian Johns together with their dog Felice, and my wife Sue and  I with our dog Cole. We happened to be leaving the same time as the wildflower  group and followed them east on S 22 until they turned north while we continued  on. Shortly before we came to the microwave tower we turned at the Calcite Mine  Road entrance where some of us aired down, and we discussed our itinerary. The  group elected to go to the Calcite Mine so we started out.

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Tapiado Mud Caves!

Written by Leaders Alan & Claudia Heller

A handful of Desert Explorers bravely became Desert Spelunkers on the last  day of the recent Rendezvous in Anza Borrego. The drive to Tapiado Arroyo took  the group through the beautiful Blair Valley, past Agua Caliente and onto a dirt  road. Shortly past the road to Palm Spring, they came upon an unusual sight. On  a low hill stood a street sign which read: “Hollywood Blvd. and Vine Street.”  Climbing up to investigate, another surprise awaited. There a geocache was  discovered and investigated. After adding a few of their own items, it was  carefully replaced.

Some 3.5 miles from the base of the arroyo the group reached the Tapiado Mud  Caves. Flashlights in hand, they negotiated through three caves including the  Big Mud Cave, Carey’s Big Mud Cave and Chasm Cave. During their spelunking  adventure the group climbed through narrow passageways, found rooms with  skylights, negotiated through slot canyons, photographed arches and clamored  over boulders. In one cave, they gathered below a shaft of sun which broke  through a skylight , listening intently as leader Alan Heller relayed the story  of the Mole People who once lived beneath the earth and held sacrifices in just  such a room.

Tired from their spelunking expedition, the group settled down in the shade  for lunch. It was a fun and educational trip, especially enjoyed by the two  young girls along, Hanna and Emily.

Trip leaders: Alan and Claudia Heller. Participants: Rebecca, Leonard and  Hannah Friedman; Ted and Joan Berger; Mike and Katie and Emily Berger, and  Fredric Raab.

This report was prepared by Alan and Claudia Heller. We have more photos, if  desired.

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2011 Trip Report - San Bernardino Mountains

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San Bernardino Mountains 2011

By Ted Kalil

It was a dark and stormy night. Well, we did  have that on Saturday night, but we first met up Friday afternoon just before it  started raining. The forecast was for 20% chance of rain, but this was at least  100%. However, although intense for a while, it stopped in about an hour. We had  reserved the Green Spot Equestrian Group Campground just off 2N93, and this  proved to be great: plenty of parking for everyone, double header toilets if you  don’t mind sharing (potty with a pal), and fire rings. Plus, it was all our own;  no access by anyone else.

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2011 Trip Report - Bee Ware of the Sugarpine Trail

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Bee-Ware of the Sugarpine Mountain Trail!

By Jean Roode, 2011

A few weeks ago we went with some family  members, including our two small grandsons, to take a day trip up the Sugarpine  Mountain Trail. On the way we saw the Pioneer Monument, a historical marker  commemorating the Mojave Indian Trail used by Fr. Garcés and Jedediah Smith. As  we travelled further up the trail there was a recently fallen tree blocking the  trail. My brother was thinking if he cut off the smaller, lower-hanging branches  we could possibly drive underneath the trunk. We all wondered why there were  already chop marks on one of the limbs. It wasn’t long before we had our answer.

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What I Really Did  in Japan

by Allan Wicker , 2011

Ever since the Desert Explorers Newsletter ran a photo of  me seated with two young l women in a traditional restaurant in Fukuoka, Japan,  a couple of years ago, there has been a clamor to know just what I was doing  there. 

Well… it wasn’t really a clamor.  Actually, it was only one  telephone call, earlier today, from Neal Johns, asking me to give an account of  my activities for an article for the current Newsletter.  And, could I please do  it today?   If I didn’t, he said, he would spread all sort of scurrilous rumors  about me.   For those who don’t know Neal, this translates into “we really need  an article to help fill up the next Newsletter.”

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2011 Trip Report - SouthEastern Nevada

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Southeastern Nevada

February 11 & 14, 2011

By Leader Dan W. Messersmith  

Friday, February 11: Dick & Connie and Dan & Jan Messersmith made the trip down to Katherine’s  Landing Campground on Lake Mohave and found a couple of good sites in the very  nice camp ground. After setting up our camping units, we headed over to Sam’s  Club to see if they had anything we couldn’t resist buying. We spent a little  money there, but not too much. As we had a fair amount of time left in the day,  Dick took us over to see a nice little beach area on the lake called Telephone  Cove. After a short visit there while the dogs played in the water, we headed up  a trail that would take us up Lower Grapevine Canyon. It was very dramatic and  beautiful, but alas it was a dead end drive. We had hoped it would take us all  the way up to Upper Grapevine Canyon where the major petroglyphs are located. It  was so nice, that we resolved to bring everyone back to enjoy the sights the  next day. We then returned to the highway and went up to Upper Grapevine Canyon so Dick  could see exactly where they were located. Heading back to camp, Dick took us  over the power-line road that leads down into Laughlin, NV. This is a dramatic  little trail with some great views along the way. It is a bit rough in spots and  slow going. Upon our arrival in Laughlin it was decided to eat out for the evening and we  decided to go to the Black Bear Restaurant in Bullhead City rather than fight  the crowds at the Laughlin casinos. Back at camp we retired somewhat early as there was a cold wind and it was too  windy to have a campfire.

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2011 Trip Report - DE Rendezvous - Inbound

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By Marian Johns

Nine vehicles assembled in the (east) Indio TA’s  parking lot at 10:00. Our Desert Explorers participants included: Shirley and  Bob Bolin, Joan and Ted Berger, Sharon and Rick Cords, Rebecca, Leonard and  Hannah Friedman, Cathy and Richard Kenny, Ron Lipari and son, Jeff, Harry Ogden,  Sue Landon and Bob Peltzman, and us (Marian and Neal Johns).

The first stop was near the below-sea-level site of  Travertine Point just off Hwy. 86S. We were able to drive right up to the  encrusted rocks of the ancient shore of Lake Cahuilla. The rocks are covered  with a marine growth residue which makes their sharp edges appear rather soft  and rounded. Suddenly, we heard familiar voices on the CB – Sunny and Jean  Hansen, who just happened by, decided to join us.

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