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March 20, 2010

BY Bob Dodds

Leading our small group; Bob Dodds, MayBelle and Tug. Following us were Ron and  Barbara Midlikoski, Leanard, Rebecca and Hanna Friedman, Willie and Faye  Kalajian and Mike and Donna Munford. With this small of a group we didn’t leave  until 08:30, after correcting a C.B. problem. We headed out 7.5 miles to the  dirt road taking us to Deadman’s Pass. The weather was great for being Death  Valley. There was a slight cool breeze. Tug loved it. We arrived at our first  stop where lots of pictures of the U.S. G.S. marker, elevation 3,264’. The wood  sign was 3,300’ and my GPS said 3,197’, so much for accuracy. Ron found a  treasure, a cylinder head with the fins bent and broken with a large valve and  valve spring. It appears to be an aircraft cylinder.

We crossed over green valley water road (dirt) and continued on toward Gold  Valley and Willow springs taking in the geological formations of the valley. We  then drove between the mountain walls and entered Willow Springs and the turn  around. By now it was close to lunch time and this was a good place to have a  break. We were quite sure we were at the springs, I took a GPS reading and sure  enough, right on the spot.

We were a little disappointed the wind flowers had not bloomed yet and I did  find out after our return, there were a couple of pools at the springs had we  walked further. Our weekend was great and everyone enjoyed the wild horses at  the hotel and I had never seen the paintings on the walls that Marta did. What  an artist.

Thanks to all who joined me on this trip.

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2010 Trip Report - Cal-Neva-Neva Land

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Cal-Neva Neva Land
A Trip Write Up
by Bob & Sue Jaussaud

The desert is beautiful and her wildflowers once again put on a spectacular show  for us. There were lupine, chicory, mallow, phacelia, desert star, brittle bush,  dandelions, yucca blossoms and countless belly flowers. At Camp Thurman in the  Newberry Mountains the ground was so covered with white flowers that it looked  like there had been a fresh snowfall.

On Friday evening before starting the trip, we watched a near full moon rise  over the Colorado River and enjoyed a BBQ dinner with good friends Allan & Ding  Wicker, Dick & Connie Taylor and Sassy, June Box, Joan McGovern-White, Mignon  Slentz and Jim Proffitt.

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Vanderbilt and Homestead  Tour

May 7, 2010

By Debbie Miller Marschke

On Friday, May 9, 2010 at  Noon, my husband Steve and I joined our group assembled at the Baker Valero  station and headed north on the I-15.  We started out with 4 vehicles:  Glenn  Shaw, Bob & Sue Jaussaud, Dave “BigBird” Given and Sir Bob Rodemeyer.  After  taking Cima Road south into the Mojave National Preserve, we left the pavement  to head east into the Ivanpah Range.  First we visited Riley’s Camp. This was  the primary home of John Riley Bembry,  prospector and entrepreneur in this  range for more than 50 years. He prospected and filed hundreds of claims in this  area; in fact, during my research of “Riley” I obtained a list of his claims  which printed out on 6 pages, which boggled my mind.  Being a businessman, Riley  did turn around and sell his prospects which contributed to the mining  development in this region of the Mojave.  We could see his efforts dotting the  mountainsides around us, including the Standard Mines One and Two. At the time  of his death, Riley still held title to 60 claims.  However, his most lasting  legacy is the Mojave Cross at Sunrise Rock (near Teutonia Peak).  Riley was a  World War One veteran and, in 1934, he erected the original cross as a  place of reflection for war veterans. Once the site became a part of the Mojave  National Preserve, it was constantly plagued with controversy.

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2010 Trip Report - Arizona Strip (MOE)

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Arizona Strip
September 3 - September 10, 2010
By Dan W. Messersmith

Participants were: Dan Messersmith, w/Buddy; Ellen Miller; Nelson MIller; Bob &  Karen Monsen; Mal & Jean Roode; Scott Roode; Glen Shaw; Mignon Slentz; Dick  Taylor and Allan Wicker

Friday, September 3
Dick Taylor and I left Kingman at 7:30am and we made as good as time as possible  getting to St. George given the all the construction around Hoover Dam and along  the Lake Mead Road to Overton.

Most of our folks were there and with the arrival of Mal & Jean Roode, our whole  party was in place except Mignon Slentz who would be coming in late and would  meet us at the camp site. As Wal-Mart no longer carries dry ice, Dick and I made  our way over to Harmon’s to pick some up. On our return, the group headed for  the Arizona Strip.

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2010 Trip Report - Baja

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Baja, Oops!
By Neal Johns

It all started out so well, then everything turned to mush. Several fellow Baja  lovers on the internet planned a trip to the most inaccessible Mission ruins in  Baja, Mission Santa Maria. The road is about 14 miles long and starts off of  Highway One 300 miles below the border. We gathered at the village of El Rosario  at the BajaCactus Motel. The owner, Antonio Munoz, had supported our expeditions  for years and was a good and faithful friend. It did not hurt that his Motel was  built to American standards and was also inexpensive.
Marian had just returned from Tibet (yes, she saw Mount Everest from Base Camp,  but did not climb it. :-) and had chipped a bone in her foot the second day of  her trip, Being somewhat cheap, I mean frugal, she limped around until she got  back to Kaiser. She declined to go on another trip with a limp.
What could I do but ask one of my WiW's (Wife-in-Waiting) to accompany me? Teddi  was already in Baja where she had been indulging in her hobby of riding mules  over the El Camino Real mule/foot trail that connected the Missions. She met me  in El Rosario with her dog, an aging Shepard named Dixie she claimed would  protect her from my advances. Dixie ambled over and licked my hand. So much for  protection. Threatening to tell Marian (whom she knew) did work.

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2010 Trip Reports - Mud pots video

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Mal Roode took this video of the mud pots on the San Andreas Fault trip :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRZ0l59NSfQ 

and http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5XDVFyq1Ys4 

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2010 Trip Photos - Death Valley photos

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Wednesday, 05 February 2014 20:59

2010 Trip Report - El Paso Mountains

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El Paso Mountain Trip Report

February 20, 21, 2010

Leaders: Johns and Hansens

We were afraid the rainy weather might scare off some of our participants, but  everyone who said they were coming showed up in Randsburg, our jumping off  point. It turned into a beautiful sunny day although it was cool enough for  jackets most of the time. Riding in seven vehicles were June Box and her friend  Nancy Robles, Debbie Nakamoto, Rob Hefner who is also a friend of Junes, Glenn  Shaw, Sunny and Jean Hansen and Marian and Neal Johns plus two of our pooches,  Blue and Feliz. Vicki Hill and Dave McFarland had to cancel at the last minute  because Dave caught a cold, but they were replaced by new folks, Nelson Miller  and Carrie who joined us Saturday morning, although they didnt camp out and stay  for Sundays adventures.

After assembling in Randsburg, we followed Sunny and Jean to the Terese petro  site north of Randsburg. There, we also found several house rings and some small  check dams along a nearby drainage. Thanks Sunny and Jean!

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Inbound 2010 Rendezvous Trip
Kingston Wash and Kingston Mts.
By Marian Johns

We arrived at Bob’s Big Boy in Baker at 8:00 a.m. right on schedule and found  some of the crew already seated and chowing down breakfast. The buffet had a  fine selection for those of us who can’t resist an all-you-can-eat opportunity.

By 9:00 a.m. 25 Desert Explorers had assembled in the parking lot. Our troops  included: Nan Savage, Gary Preston, Vicki Hill, Dave McFarland, Mike Vollmert,  Ron Lipari and son, Jeff, Rebecca and Leonard Friedman and daughter, Hannah, Bob  Younger and Mary, Sonny and Jean Hansen, Bob and Shirley Bolin, Terry Ogden, Bob  Jacoby, Nelson Miller and sister, Ellen, Larry Boerio, Bert Eddins, Glenn Shaw  and Marian and Neal Johns.

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2010 Trip Report - DE Rendezvous - Echo Canyon

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Echo Canyon, Schwab Ghost Town and Petro Site
March 20, 2010
Leaders: Johns and Hansens

With Mike Vollmert and the Liparis once again in the rear, we began our tour by  taking Hwy. 190 west from Death Valley Junction. Near the Death Valley National  Park boundary we encountered a do-it-yourself pay station which demanded a hefty  $20 fee for a day’s visit. Credit cards were gladly accepted, but there was nary  a word about Golden Age or other types of park passes. Not wanting to be found  inside the park without our official permits, several of us diligently tried to  use our passes. Despite our efforts, the machine rebuked our plastic, and we  concluded the possession of a pass would have to do.

As we drove on down the highway, CB comments were made about the rich colors of  the eroded formations in that area. Plus, there were small patches of colorful  wildflowers along the way that caught our eyes. At the turn off to Echo Canyon  we made a finally tally of our entourage – 13 vehicles and 26 passengers who  included: five members of the Ted, Joan, Emily, Katie, and Mike Berger, Mel and  Nette Patterson, Glenn Shaw, Danny and Norma Siler, Dave and Penelope Bullock,  Terry Ogden, Mike Vollmert and Ron and Jeff Lipari, Nelson Miller and sister,  Ellen, Bob and Shirley Bolin, Bert Eddins, Homer Meek, Jean and Sunny Hansen and  Neal and Marian Johns, plus several pooches.

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