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2009 Trip Report - TwentyNine Palms

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By Bob Jacoby and Nan Savage

Those joining in on the trip to 29 Palms were: Leonard Friedman, Bob Younger  and Mary Whalen, Richard Shapel, Don Sweinhart and Betty Wallin, Mal and Jean  Roode, Joe de Kehoe, Glenn Shaw, Nan Savage, Bob Jacoby and Dick Brazier. Some  of us got into town Friday evening and had dinner together at the 29 Palms Inn,  a restaurant and hotel present in the area for some eighty years. Saturday saw us on the road, meeting first at the Oliver’s property then up the  road at an alternative meeting point in 29 Palms. Our first stop on dirt was an  interesting once-thriving bakery, now abandoned and dilapidated. The site’s  unique feature is a cement wall that had been constructed by hand with  reinforcement with what was most available, in this case, an old metal set of  mattress springs!

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2009 Trip Report - Arizona Strip

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Arizona Strip – East Side
May 20-27, 2009
By Dan W. Messersmith

Wednesday, May 20

Buddy and I met Dick Taylor, Buffalo Hayden with Jesse Comeau at the Mobil Station on East Beale at
the appointed time and after I made a return trip home to get my wallet, we were on the road by 6:15am.Even though we were all pulling trailers, we made good time along the way until we got through
Hoover Dam and into the Lake Mead area where we encountered road construction in multiple places.
By the time we got to Overton, we were at least 30-40 minutes behind schedule and we needed to
stop for some gas and a quick sandwich in Overton. We were able to make phone contact with Glen
Shaw who was waiting for us at Exit 93 on I-15.

After adding Glen to our trailer caravan, we made the best time we could along the Interstate with one
comfort break along the way. By the time we got to Lins Market in Hurricane we had made up some of
the lost time. We got gas for our extra tanks and did our last shopping for food, drinks and ice and were
on our way to meet most everyone else at Pipe Springs. While there I got several phone calls. One from
Coop Cooper who thought he was behind us but he was well on his way to Pipe Spring. Another was fromTom Weiss who phoned to let us know he and Stu Nicols would proceed to camp on their own. One
other was from Bob Younger who had reached Mesquite and was wondering if we had passed there yet. I told him to keep coming and meet us at camp.

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2009 Trip Report - Catalina Island

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4WD Catalina Trip
June 6-7, 2009
By Nan Savage

Rescheduled from last February due to rain, the DE Catalina trip was threatened  again by seasonally unusual rainfall in June in Southern California, but we  pressed forward undaunted, and the rain did not materialize; we had fine weather  for the trip. Assembling on Saturday morning at the Catalina Conservancy office  in “downtown” Avalon, the group included Barb and Bill Gossett, Jim and Kristen  Proffitt, Bob Jacoby, and Nan Savage. Barb, Bill, Bob and Nan had traveled over  on the same ship Friday afternoon from the mainland. Barb, who had never been on  the ocean before, enjoyed the voyage as the modern catamaran gives a  surprisingly fast and smooth ride.
In 1887 Avalon was called “Tim’s Landing,” but the more romantic name, Avalon,  from the myth of King Arthur, caught on later. Just up the street from the  Catalina Conservancy office are a number of modest bungalows built for  vacationers in the 1920’s. They sold at the time for $450 each, and my father’s  parents bought one.

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2009 Trip Report - Williams Area

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Williams Area Run
Lava Ice Cave and Sycamore Canyon
June 12-14, 2009
By Dick Taylor

Friday, June 12
The following folks and their dogs made this three-day two-night outing. Pete  Mallet and his son
Chase, Joe and Julie Stevens, Jim Proffitt, Linda Grundy and her dog Georgie, Dan Messersmith and his dog Buddy and Dick and Connie Taylor and their dog Sassy.

Our starting place was K-Mart parking lot 7 AM Friday morning where we met up  with Linda and
her dog Georgie and then Jim pulled in followed by Connie and our dog Sassy. Dan  had agreed to meet us in Seligman as he had a Rotary Meeting that same morning. With the  introductions completed our party
of four rigs were on the road by the 7:00am starting time.

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2009 Trip Report - Wickieup Loop

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Hillside, Prescott, Wikieup Loop
July 11, 2009
By Dan W. Messersmith

Saturday, July 11
At 7:30am on Saturday Dick & Connie Taylor, with Sassy, Linda Grundy, with  Georgie and Dan & Jan Messersmith with Buddy met for coffee and breakfast at  McDonalds in Kingman. By 8:00am, no other travelers had arrived so we departed  for our trip to Prescott. Jan & I took the lead, Linda was comfortably tucked  into the rocking chair position and Dick & Connie took the sweep position.
We took I-40 east about 13 miles and exited on to Blake Ranch Road headed south.  I pointed out the Blake Ranch to our small group and noted how active the ranch  headquarters seemed to be.
We continued on enjoying our ride through the eastern Hualapai Mountain  foothills. At the former Laughlin Ranch, now the Yellow Pine Ranch we saw a  small airplane parked on the west side of the runway with “Yellow Pine Taxi”  painted on the side. Linda noted that it had been there for some time and did  not think it was being used. The airstrip had a fair amount of weed growth on it  that would indicate it had not been graded or dragged for weed control in a  while. The little pond below the ranch headquarters was about 3/4 full of water.

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2009 Trip Report - San Bernardino Mountains

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San Bernardino Mountains Trip

July 31, August 1, August 2, 2009

by Ted Kalil

Bob and Betty Oliver arrived at Heart Bar Campground at about the same time as I did on Friday afternoon and picked out our campsites from the many available “walk-up” sites.  We each had some separate things to do in Big Bear first and then came back to our sites for conversation and dinner. Bob Jacoby had called and said he wasn’t feeling well so wouldn’t be coming, and Marian Johns said they had brake problems with both trucks and their coming would depend on getting new shoes. At around the meet-up time on Saturday morning, Nan Savage called to say she was on her way but had gone astray a bit. Bob Oliver had a problem with his CB; I loaned him a hand held unit but we were later to find that it also had a problem.

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2009 Trip Report - Red Desert of Wyoming

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The Red Desert of Wyoming

June-July 2009

By Neal Johns

This trip was led by an attractive young blond named  Marian, who graciously let me come along in her vehicle. She had several DEers  sign up, but just before the start, they all chickened out except Reda Anderson.  You know Reda, she will go anywhere for any reason. Perhaps the chickens found  out I was going along? Feliz, Marians fuzzy child is, like Reda, always ready to  go, so residing on the dog shelf behind the seats, she drooled on my neck the  whole trip.

Why the Red Desert; because Reda suggested it and Marian  had never heard of it nor had she been there. A Desert Explorer needs no better  reason! Sadly, we started the trip immediately after Lorene Crawfords funeral.  We drove until 9:00 p.m. and camped off I-15 near Mountain Pass.

The next morning found us headed toward northwest region  of Zion National Park, the first of many shortcuts on the way to the Red Desert.  A great floral display was enjoyed by all. Reda had a flat, but we gave her  another chance to straighten up and allowed her to continue with us. We camped  on a side road in the boonies amongst wildflowers.

In Cedar City, Reda got her flat fixed and Marian led  her astray into a nearby pawn shop. To my horror, this was the first of many  pawn shop and thrift store stops. Have you noticed that Husbands are a dying  breed? Probably because of things like this. Afterwards, we continued on to  Cedar Breaks (which should be renamed Dead Spruce because of what the Englemann  Spruce Beetle has done).

Off to Paragonah Lake and then to the Parowan Gap  petroglyph site which has hundreds of petros alongside the highway. Camped in  the boonies up Beaver Canyon.

Spent the day fixing Reda. Reda has problems; a little  black cloud hangs over her head. Bought a new CB because hers squealed all the  time; went to the Verizon store where a nice lady spent hours (seemed like)  teaching her how to use her new Blackberry. The list goes on endlessly. :-) The  one I like best was when she forgot how to shift out of four wheel drive. Sigh.  She got even with me though; there was a little, very little, cover plate  alongside the shift lever that said Shift Unlock, and she asked me what it was.  I muttered something like DiLithium Crystal Calibrator and asked her for the  operators manual. She had it in the glove compartment and it said: Using a  screwdriver, pry up this cover, then insert the screwdriver and push downward to  release the shift lever if it will not move out of Park when the battery has  died. Huh? Never heard of such a thing but I didnt tell Reda.

Drove to Bridal Veil Falls (lots of water) and then Hwy.  189. Many scenic spots like Spring Cascades which has several large, steep,  rapids. Went down a dirt road following a creek with many beaver dams to a  beautiful (and free) campground alongside the creek for the night.

Important! The next stop was Savers Thrift Store in  Orem. Sigh. I cant remember all the little towns thrift stores we stopped in.  Next was the Deseret Thrift Store. I remember this one because a nice Tamale  Lady was peddling tamales in the parking lot. Outstanding! Went back for more.

Rock Springs! We made it to the jumping off place for  exploring the Red Desert! Rock Springs is a nice little town with a history of  mining and ranching. After getting a bit of information at the local BLM office,  we drove to the White Mountain Petroglyph site. Not great petros, but not bad, a  short hike got our blood flowing. A lot of elk were depicted and several  anthropomorphs. Next, we headed for the Boars Tusk, a solitary volcanic plug  sticking up from the plains. My GPS showed several two tracks going to the Tusk  and naturally I picked one that shortly proved impassible. Another one got us  there and after circling around it, we had lunch nearby. We then headed north  toward the visible dunes. They were rather low and not very spectacular to our  jaded California eyes. Lots of power was required to get through the blow sand  that occasionally covered the road.

Our goal was an alleged natural wonder called The  Pinnacles. They were somewhere north, and on the way we saw three of the  illusive Desert Elk wed read about. They are the largest Elk. Strange, because  desert creatures are usually smaller. Lots of Pronghorn Antelope tried to outrun  our vehicles.

We could find no roads on the maps or GPS that went to  the Pinnacles so we took the closest road and it turned out to be a poor two  track. Nearby low hills precluded seeing the Pinnacles, but finally we found a  very faint two track that pointed near them. Taking it was great fun; no one had  used it for years. There was one go-around to cross a washed out arroyo that got  our attention but proved to be no problem. Then we came to a spot where we could  look off right to where the famous, presumably stately, tall, spires stood.  Nothing but low mounds of mud. Could these be.yep, we were looking at The  Pinnacles. My theory is: They were married and that naturally wore them  down.Ouch! That hurt, Marian! We camped by an old barn and it rained and blew  all night.

Leaving the area for Rock Springs, the occasionally  graded road was muddy and slippery. We barely kept out of the ditches alongside  the road. This ended the official Red Desert trip but we kept going (with Reda)  to Thermopolis where we saw the hot springs, the adjoining bison park, the  nearby petroglyph site, and the local museum. Continuing to Cody, our timing was  off to see the big Stampede Rodeo. Camped near the city dump.

Onward we went to Red Lodge and Billings where we  married off Marians youngest son, Jon and picked up Redas 15 year old  granddaughter, Melody. Then we went to Riggins, Idaho for my family reunion, and  finally after three and a half weeks, home. Well, there were a few shortcuts.

Got a message from Redas Blackberry; she has locked  herself inside the car. Sigh.

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2009 Trip Reports - Hualapai Mountain Lodge MOE

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Hualapai  Mountain Lodge MOE

Sunday,  August 9, 2009

By Dan W. Messersmith

   At 10:30am, the  assembled cast of participants descended upon the Hualapai Mountain Lodge for a  Sunday brunch. Those in attendance were Dick & Connie Taylor; Dan & Jan  Messersmith; Daniel & Jen Messersmith with their two children, Liv and Jaden;  Sandra Messersmith with Jet Cummings and Matt Messersmith with Candace Hardy and  their daughter Tyla. If it seems like there were a lot of Messersmiths, you are  paying attention as my entire family of children and grandchildren were there.  There was even one more there who is still on the way as Reese William  Messersmith (Matt and Candace’s son) is due next month.

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California History  Discovered!

By Debbie Miller Marschke

It was a mild Saturday  morning when the group all met in the park in front of the Banning Mansion on  August 22, 2009.  Naturally, the traditional DE potluck spread was delicious and  there was WAY more food than we needed. Our group consisted of myself, Steve  Marshcke, my parents Pete & Marlys Carusone, Allan & Ding Wicker, Jim Proffit,  Larry Boreio, Roger Deranian, Jonell Hart, Dave & Penelope Bullock, and Bob &  Shirley Bolin. The most common comment of the day was, “ I can’t believe I’ve lived so close and never knew about this place”.

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2009 Trip Report - MOE Dolan Springs

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MOE Trip National Trails Day - Dolan Springs

October 10, 2009

By Sue Baughman

National Trails Day is celebrated the 1st Saturday in June an is sponsored by  the American Hiking Society, since its too D--- Hot in June. The Dolan Springs  Open Space Trails committee picked the 2nd Saturday in October for multiple  events. The group started planning this event in January. We started by filling  out the NTD website giving our event 48 state plus coverage. The next step was  plan where we wanted to disburse the different events. Since BLM needs a minimum  of 6 months for their NEPHA process. It was decided that this years National  Trails Day event would also be our big fund raiser of the year. It was decided  to stage the event at the Ranch Club (didnt have to worry about raising money on  BLM property). We did ask BLM/Mohave County Parks to co-sponsor our event. The  Ranch Club Restaurant donated their facility for our pancake breakfast.

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