2009 Trips (30)

Trips taken in 2009.

Quartzsite  Shop-a-Thon and Day Trips

January  22-26, 2009

By Dan W. Messersmith

The following are the names  were gathered of those who were in and out of camp while we were there: Bob &  Shirley Bolin; Lou & Pat Carfield; Bill & Barbara Gossett; Sunny & Jean Hansen;  Charles Hughes; Jim & Jeanne Jacobs; Neal & Marian Johns w/Feliz and Blue; Ed &  Maxine Manes; Marilyn Martin w/Solace; Michael Martin; Homer Meek; Dan  Messersmith w/Buddy; Carl & Nancy Noah; Dick & Connie Taylor w/Sassy; Donald  Sweinhart & Betty Wallin w/Molly and Dan & Rose (whose last name was  unfortunately not recorded).

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2009 Trip Reports - DE Rendezvous Recap - Nipton, CA

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Brief Rendezvous Retrospective

Nipton, California - March 20 - 22, 2009

by Allan Wicker 

The 2009 Desert Explorers Rendezvous in Nipton was a resounding success. All of the key components, including cooperative weather, came tog, her neatly to yield this result. There were ample opportunities for participants to meet and chat informally—and they did. Small groups formed and reformed around the Nipton town site when no events were scheduled. The two-part keynote talk (on the Mojave Outback Explorers and on the history of Mojave County, Arizona and beyond) by Dan Messersmith was both entertaining and informative. His brave strategy of inviting the audience to ask questions about the County assured that he would be addressing topics that interested us, including Mormon settlements and practices, mining, treatment of the native Americans, and early days in Kingman, AZ. Many thanks, Dan. Jerry Freeman’s talk and slide presentation on the history of Nipton was very well received by a standing-room-only group in Freeman Hall. The event was a re-christening (perhaps I should say re-dedication) of the newly renovated old school house building. Jerry’s carefully selected photos of Nipton through the years included several shots of silent film star Clara Bow and her beau, Rex Bell, frequent visitors to Nipton. The silent auction, flawlessly run by Alan Romspert, gave everyone a chance to enhance their reputations as collectors, and yielded several hundred dollars we can use for worthy causes. I heard nothing but favorable comments about the dinner catered by the Rib Company from Twentynine Palms. This was our second time to use Ron and Lisa’s services, and I’m confident we will do so again. The staff at the Nipton Trading Post pampered us in numerous ways. Fred, mounted on his “mule,” led people to their rented tent cabin, RV site, or hotel parking place, and provided numerous other services. Bobbie handled requests in the office cheerfully and adeptly. So far as I am aware, everything that the Nipton facility promised was delivered—including newly installed toilet facilities in Freeman Hall. Incoming trips led by Bob Jaussaud and by Deb Miller and Steve Marschke were outstanding (based on my own experience and what I heard from others), as were the Saturday day trips led by Bob Dodds, Neal Johns, and Sunny and Jean Hansen. Deb and Steve’s outgoing trip gave people an opportunity to see the nearby Kokoweef Mine and the delivery of some unpleasant weather (wind and hail) that had been forecast but that had held off until Sunday. Stay tuned for detailed reports on these trips. The contributions of many people were needed for all of this to come about. None was more important than the Big Kahuna from Bullhead City, Mary Hughes, and her sidekick, Charles. Mary and Charles embraced this opportunity to give something back to the Desert Explorers, and they excelled in the effort. A fuller list of the contributors and more on the Rondy will appear next month.

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2009 Trip Report - Willow Beach

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Willow  Beach

February 22, 2009

By Dick Taylor

Sunday Feb. 22, Ten  rigs with Twenty Adventurous People, plus Four dogs made the off road trip to  Willow Beach. The starting point was Calicos Restaurant for coffee, breakfast  and discussion of the coming event.  Six rigs left the restaurant at 8 AM to  pick up four more at the Dolan Springs turn off to make up out ten rigs,  Following are the folks and pups that made the trip.

Dick & Connie  Taylor & their dog Sassy, Dan Messersmith & his dog Buddy, Jim & Jeannie Jacobs,  Charles & Mary Hughes, Larry & Edna Brown, Shelley Lossing, Sue Baughman, Elke  Meister, Ingrid Purder & her dog Scotty, Buck & Karol Buckler, Mike Jose, Bob &  Sue Jaussaud & their dog Toby, & Gail & Donna Andress.

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Needles to Nipton Noodle 

Thursday March 19, 2009

by Bob Jaussaud

This trip could have been titled “from chicken to ribs”,  but it really was a noodle.  Sue added her own touch to the “Tom Church” chicken  we enjoyed on the edge of the Colorado River the evening before the trip.  The  meal was complimented with Ron Lipari’s pasta, Betty Oliver’s bean dip and  Charles Hughes’ rum cake.  We were fat and happy and ready to venture forth in  our 4x4’s the next morning.  Ribs at the DE Rendezvous in Nipton were our  Saturday night appointment.  Add two traditional potlucks Thursday and Friday  and you know life was good, very good.

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Cow Cove Petroglyph site

Inbound to the Rondy

by Debbie Miller Marschke

Steve and I hit the road  early Friday morning, slogging through the unpredictable LA traffic with  frustrating effort to meet our group in Baker.  Admittedly we were 10 minutes  later than our designated 10:30 a.m. meeting time.  I had spoken with Dave Given  on my cell, and he was faithfully waiting for us at the Baker Thermometer with a  small group.  When we arrived, I immediately spotted a group of DEers chatting  it up in the parking lot – but no Dave. Hmmmm. A phone call solved the mystery:  we had two groups waiting on us, one on each side of the restaurant. The group  was wrangled together and we had eight vehicles in all, including myself, Steve  Marschke, Dave Given, Bob Rodemeyer, Norma & Danny Siler, Bob Jacoby, Richard  Brazier, Jerry & Joanie Harada, Carlos Gallinger, and Larry Briseno. While we  chatted in the parking lot, Steve and I  took the opportunity to talk to our  group face to face. Steve gave a briefing about our planned travel route. I  passed out a map attached to a short article, “East Mojave Rock Art”  written by  DE’s own Anne Stoll that I borrowed from Casebier’s East Mojave Heritage Trail  guide (this is worth owning, by the way).  Around 1987, Anne lead a group of  volunteers to document the petroglyphs at the Cow Cove location. She prepared a  rough inventory of the site which included photographing, recording, and drawing  the artwork. Though Anne was invited on our hike, she could not attend this  year’s Rondy due to other commitments.

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2009 Trip Report - DE Rendezvous - Rosalie

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Leader: Bob Dodds and Tug.

Joining us was; Ron and  Barbara Midlikoski, Mal and Jean Roode, Jim Watson, Alan Hodes, Ron Ross and  Nancy McClean, Debbie and Steve Marshke, Danny and Norma Siler, Jim Proffitt,  George and Carol Gilster, Penny and Dave Bullock, Mary and Charles Hughs, Bill  and Barbara Gossett, Jeanne Murrin, and Larry Boerio. Oh yes and Nancy was with  us too.

What a great turnout. Good  to see everyone again. Nancy and I attended our first Rondy in 1988 at Nipton.  It was so neat to return and see the improvements. Saturday A.M., There was  Allan Wicker at the Red School House helping everyone into the correct lines for  the trips. He was kind of our mother hen. We got our group together, 15 rigs  plus mine.” Thank you Bill and Barbara for being my sweep.” He had a new  powerful radio. Our route took us through Cima. This gave our group a chance to  check out the old Rail Road town, which still has a US Post Office. The site of  the original store is there. We talked about the Cima Dome on our way to I-15  where I needed to top off my tank. Our first stop was the Rosalie Cemetery.  Boots and Bessie Yates are buried there. They lived and ran the Yates Ranch in  Rosalie from 1894-1952. We explored Rosalie where they used a 50 ton furnace to  smelt and recover the copper coming out of the Copper World Mine. Jim Proffitt  checked out the caves the miners lived in and determined that he could sell them  with 100% financing. The slag heap was fascinating to explore and collect rocks.  There was lots of discussion on how the smelting process took place.

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2009 Trip Report - DE Rendezvous - Highland Mountains

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Highland Mountains

Saturday, March 21

By Jean Hansen

At 8:30 on this beautiful Saturday morning, our group, consisting of Rich & Cathie Kenney, Ann & John Fulton, Bob & Carol Thille, Joe de Kehoe, Karen & Bob Monsen, Bob & Shirley Bolin, Mignon Slentz, Bob & Betty Oliver, Bob Jaussaud, Glenn Shaw, Leonard, Rebecca & Hannah Friedman (Hannah was guide), Craig Baker, Glenda Roach, Tommy Perrasso., ay & Sylvia Lawrence and Sunny and me, gathered in front ofthe schoolhouse in Nipton. After a littletime spent visiting and generally catching-up with one another, we were on our  way!Our first stop was the Cow Well petroglyph site, a small, but very pretty site which everyone seemed to enjoy verymuch. We continued on our journeythrough an outstandingly beautiful Joshua 'free forest on our way north to the pass through the Highland Range which we think might have been an old Indian pass through the mountainsbecause of the many small rock art sitesalong the way. Our second stop was at Cow Springs, which also had rock art and historic occupation sites along with a realspring. We continued our journey overthe summit and into a very scenic valleywith a somewhat rough descent, down anarrow, slanted road and proceeded tothe third small rock art site, where we alldid some exploring and had a leisurely lunch. A highlight of our lunch stop waswhen Sylvia Lawrence made friends withand introduced to the group a beautiful little "homed toad."After lunch we proceeded north where we found a side canyon to the west and just on a group whim, set off to explore this canyon. We followed this little canyon to its dead end and in a rocky area therea geocacbe was discovered and openedby several members of the group withHannah Friedman gleefully exploring thecontents - which just happened to bechild-oriented! The group then traveledto the next (and last) rock art site toexplore. At this site, some of the groupdiscovered additional rock art in thearea. We then completed our journey·through the Highland Range, which wasvery scenic and Sunny & I would notmind returning there for a future exploration/camping trip. Soon we reached thepowerline road, which we took east toSearchlight At this point the group separated - some to gas up their vehicles orget supplies and the rest returning toNipton for the evening's festivities.Sunny & I would like to give thanks for this great group. We really enjoyed everyone's company. Tiil next time - - -

Trip Report - Heritage Trail
Rondy Saturday
by Neal Johns

We had 12 vehicles signed up to leave Saturday to travel over part of the First  Segment East Mojave Heritage Trail. Somehow we ended up with 15 lined up ready  to go. The plan was to head for Searchlight via pavement, gas up, and then  follow the Heritage Trail back to Nipton. Historian Dennis Casebier had laid out  the Heritage Trail more than 25 years ago and published four hardcover books  containing directions, history, botany,geology, archeology, and other tidbits  regarding the countryside as you drove along the 660 mile 4wd trail. We were  going to get a small sample of what was destroyed by the designation of  wilderness that cut the trail in over a dozen places.

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Snow Job  on the Ivanpah Range (The Legendary Kokoweef)

by  Debbie Miller Marschke

To give a trip report about  our day at the legendary Kokoweef mine, I would need to start with the pre-run.  I had been to the Kokoweef on two other occasions many years before, but with  Caltrans closing the freeway exits and the interesting weather we’ve been  having, I wanted to make sure I knew what to expect from our planned travel  route. Steve and I drove out to Nipton on Friday February 13, confirming that  the I-15 onramp at Nipton was closed.  We decided to take the weekend to explore  parts of the Ivanpah range we had never been as part of this trip. Nevermind all  those Friday the 13th bad luck stories. Friday afternoon we ended up  exploring some mines on the south side of the Ivanpahs, finding a very  interesting mica mine, when suddenly it began to snow!

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2009 Trip Report - Alamo Road

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Alamo Road, McCracken Mine, Signal Loops

March 22-25, 2009

By Dan W. Messersmith

Sunday, March 22:

The group caravanning from Kingman met as Calico’s Restaurant in Kingman at 7am. Those in attendance were Dick & Connie Taylor w/Sassy, Haul & Mary Reddick, Shelley Lossing and Martha Prumers and me w/Buddy. Joining us just for breakfast was Jeannie Jacobs. She informed us that Jim Jacobs had left for the base camp site in the motor home so he could go extra slow on the road out. Shelley and Martha would only be joining us for the day.

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