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Monday, 03 February 2014 00:00

2008 Trip Reports - Quartzsite

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Quartzsite 2008

By Neal Johns

Willie (Bill) Young and I arrived Wednesday afternoon and had the usual campsite  all to ourselves. Willie boy is my ex-brother-in-law and was taking the place of  Marian, who stayed home with a cold. Willie is a poor substitute for my current  wife and has hairy legs to boot, but he has been flying down from Washington  State for several years to get his desert fix.

I turned on my truck emergency blinkers to guide any lost-in-the-dark Desert  Explorers into the camp but it was little help to Sunny and Jean Hansen who  didn’t use his new GPS and was stumped by the big words in the directions. They  finally made it by calling a psychic on their cell phone. The next night the  neighbors 100 yards away thought we might be in trouble and came over to check  on the flashing lights. My faith is humanity has been restored. We thanked them  and stopped by their motorhome the next morning to thank them again.

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2008 Trip Report - Hector Mine and Cadiz Farms

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Hector/Cadiz Trip

By Emmett Harder

Its a great joy to listen to people that know what they are talking about. And that was the case for  this trip. As an author and desert historian I know that we need to go to the primary source. Well our Desert Explorers adventure on Saturday the 9th of February was that kind of  treasure. Dave Given lead us to the Hector mine and introduced the Product Control Manager Joyce E. Pulliam-Fitzgerald of that mine. She presented a marvelous education about a most unique mine, unique in the world. And without hesitation answered all questions in an understandable way. We were astounded to find such a huge and successful operation so close to home.


Tuesday, 04 February 2014 00:00

2008 Trip Reports - Afton Canyon

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Afton Canyon

Feb 22-23rd, 2008

Bob Dodds

Arrived at campground around 2:00 PM and set up withclouds and  light sprinkles. I got out my bottle ofwine I had saved and realized I could not open it. Thecorkscrew  must have grown legs and walked. As I struggled to get it open Jim Proffit arrived and savedthe day.  Later Sunny and Jean drove in. The five of us sat around the table in our little house and tasted 3bottles of  different wines. Nancy was sleeping (resting her eyes). After darkness set in we started afire and was  enjoying it when Steve and Debbie Marschke arrived.Saturday AM the sun was out with not a cloud or  windin sight.

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Tuesday, 04 February 2014 00:00

2008 Trip Reports - The Mojave Road

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The Mojave Road

March 14 - 146 , 2008

By Neal Johns


Woe is me; there were 18 vehicles to herd and too many people to name. Well, actually, it was more like Go! than Whoa! It was a great trip! In a couple of hours we went from snow to sand dunes covered with colorful flowers. I’ll make an exception for one new couple and name them, Cyrus Sarange and his lovely wife. This was their first trip with us and they were delightful company. But let us start from the beginning.

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Orofino Mine

by Dave Given

As scheduled,we all met at the  Bob’s Big Boy restaurant in Baker at the appointed time of 9 a.m. We  actually got moving by 9:25 AM. We went south on Kelbaker Road for 1 mile,  then turned off to the southwest for our trip to the Orofino Mine. Due to a real  bad storm, it was not possible to get to the Brannigan mine-total road  washout! On the way to the Orofino mine we stopped at what is left of the  Paymaster mine. From there we have2 different opinions. Some say  I made a wrong turn and got lost. NOT TRUE! We simply embarked on a  new adventure. This new adventure didn’t pan out too well, so we  returned to the road to lead us to the Orofino mine. All of this time the  narration was provided by none other than the "Ugly One from Newberry  Springs", Joe Pizzitola. He is very knowledgeable of the area.  VERY! Once we arrived at the Orofino mine we all explored some, and we had lunch  there. After lunch we headed back towards Baker, where some of us re-fueled and  then headed toward Shoshone, arriving there by 3 p.m.

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Tracking History through  Sperry Wash

By Debbie Miller Marschke

This trip actually began in  November 2007. Steve and I were coming home from a project in the wilderness  areas of the Kingston Mountains and we had decided to go “exploricating” on the  way home. It’s one of our favorite pastimes-  which launches with the question,  “I wonder where that road goes…?” . We had ventured down the Sperry Wash, ending  at Dumont Dunes declaring, “We should run a trip in here sometime!”  Naturally,  when the Rondy was set at Shoshone, we knew this would be sooner rather than  later.  After we had announced that we would run the trip, we did a prerun in  March from Dumont Dunes to the Western Talc Mine. We decided then to run the  trip backwards from what was published in the newsletter because we wanted to  take our time to enjoy Sperry Wash and the ever-flowing Armagosa River.  The  wildflowers were delightfully awesome then, much better than we had expected.   We kept our fingers crossed for one more good storm between prerun and the Rondy  to keep them fresh, but it was not to be. In the meantime, I set out to see what  I could learn about the route we had chosen for the trip.

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2008 Trip Report -DE Rendezvous -Emigrent Canyon

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Saturday,  April 12, 2008
Leader:  Emmett Harder

By Mary Hughes

s trip is taking us to Emigrant Canyon, with master historian, Emmett Harder, leading.  It will be a wonderful day.
    We rally in front of the Flower Building, 12 vehicles, 29 people. Inattendance: Emmett and Ruth Harder, Mal and Jean Roode, Marilyn Martin, Carl and Nancy Noah, Leonard, Rebecca, and Hanna Friedman, Bob Jacoby, Richard
Brazier, Jim Proffitt, Barbara and Ron Midlikoski, Don and Myrtie Putnam, John and Nancy Hoopes, Bob and Kim DeWolf, Charles and Mary Hughes, Don Sweinhartt and Betty Wallin, Bob and Shirley Bolin, and Allan and Ding
s, and jump starting Jim t tell him!) we are off. 

Tuesday, 04 February 2014 00:00

2008 Trip Report - DE Rendezvous - China Ranch

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China Ranch & Amargosa Canyon

Sunday, April 13,  2008

Leader: Bill Neill

by Karen L. Monsen

Trip  participants: Barbara and Ron Midlikoski; Bob and Karen Monsen; Danny and Norma  Silver; Craig Baker and Christina Grinder; Leonard, Rebecca, and Hannah  Friedman; Mary Hughes;  Allan and Ding Wicker; and caravanning with us to China  Ranch were two Europeans, Florence Hervé (French) and Thomas Schmidt (German).

We left Shoshone Sunday morning with eight vehicles  following leader Bill Neill. Our group included a couple from Europe who were  caravanning with us to China Ranch. Bill, a.k.a. the Tamarisk Eradicator and a  “regular” in the Amargosa Canyon, took us the short 10-mile drive south on CA  127, left on Tecopa Hot Springs Road, past the Tecopa Springs nude bath houses  (male and female separate), and a slight left onto the Old Spanish Trail  Highway.

Tuesday, 04 February 2014 00:00

2008 Trip Report - DE Rendezvous - Springs & Cabins

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Rock Alignments, Springs and Cabin  

By Marian Johns

              We started our Sunday Rondy trip with about 10 vehicles and drove  only a short distance from Shoshone. Then we walked a half mile to the  mysterious rock alignments that Neal stumbled upon several years ago. Who made  them, when they were made, or why they were made is uncertain. Nevertheless, we  enjoyed contemplating and photographing these strange lines of rocks.

            The next destination was Ibex Springs south on  Highway 127 and then west on a dirt 4x4 two-track. We were pleased to find the  palms and other vegetation around the springs looking healthy and lush. After  exploring the area for a while, Don Putnam and Myrtie showed us some nearby  sleeping circles that we didn't know about.

Renezvous 2008 from the Eyes of Newbie

by  Carl and Nancy Noah

We recently joined the Mojave River Valley Museum after hearing about the Desert Explorers from a friend. We've gone on a few outings with both the DE and MOE groups and had a great time on each trip. We've been impressed with the leaders' historical knowledge and enjoy the running commentaries over the CB.  We're becoming more and more interested in the history of the places we visit, but aren't ambitious enough to do our own research. We really appreciate the leaders sharing thier knowledge and research with us. We definately want to be a part of these groups, so...when we heard about the 2008 Rendezvous, we fit it into our schedule. We really didn't know what to expect. We weren't at all sure what the "Creative Showcase" was all about, so we were particularily looking forward to this.

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