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2004 Trip Report - Orocopia Mountains

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Orocopia Mountains

January 16 -18, 2004
Trip leaders: Allan Schoenherr & Alan Romspert
Trip report by Allan Wicker
Superb digital images by Allan Schoenherr's new camera!

The one-l Alan,
He ain’t shavin’
The two-l Allan’s
Long hair’s a-wavin’
And I will bet
A gold medallion
There ain’t no
Three-l Alllan.*

*The author’s attention has been called to Woody-- th’ real Alllen. Pooh.

(With apologies to Ogden Nash)

  This trip was advertised as featuring two Allans, scenic campsites, a historic mine, a railroad with a picturesque wooden trestle, as well as rare plants and animals. The meeting place was listed as 2.3 miles west of the Hayfield Road exit off I-10. In reality, the trip sometimes delivered more, and less, than advertised. To illustrate, there were three, not two, Allans on the trip but the trestle was iron, not wooden.

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Little Petroglyph Canyon

April 25, 2004
Escorted by Maturango Museum volunteers
Reported by Susan and Elwood Berry

Four vehicles and fourteen participants all passed the security check quickly. There are many security requirements, Do’s and Don’ts related to protecting our troops and the Historical Landmark. Most of these requirements are common sense. Others are not so clear. The current method of dating the petroglyphs is to measure the thickness of the desert varnish. Climbing on the rocks (and there are petroglyphs on some of the flat rocks along the bottom of the canyon), tracing or touching the petroglyphs could prevent them from being dated. A number of the Don’ts are to keep trash and litter out of the canyon. We may not understand the need for all the requirements, but the Navy controls the access to the site and they make the rules.

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