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Trips taken in 2002.

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2002 Trip Report - Anza Borrego

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A Week in Anza-Borrego; April 4 -10 2002

Led by John Page and Paul Ferry
Reported by John Page

You’d think that one would run out of places to see and trails to run in the Anza-Borrego area in a week, but we still didn’t do it all!

Paul Ferry and I arrived at Culp Valley on Thursday afternoon. Gordon Lohan was there, as was a note from Warren Alksnis telling us he’d meet us the next morning at the Visitor Center. After marking the campsite with pie plates and pink ribbon in case the Martins got their truck repaired and were able to join us, we took a run down Grapevine Canyon. It was a little windy that night, an omen of future weather.

Next morning, Friday, we found Bob Day and Sally Kinsey in Borrego Springs and Warren at the Visitor Center.

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2002 Trip report - Miller Jeep Trail

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Miller Jeep Trail, June 22, 2002

Led by Robb Anderson and Ana Romero
Reported by John Page
Photos by John Page

This was an impromptu private day trip up the infamous Miller Jeep Trail in the Los Padres National Forest from Lockwood Valley to high up on Alamo Mountain. You can see the route if you have Adobe Acrobat Reader.

I've been wanting to run the Miller Jeep Trail for years, ever since I read Neal Johns' account of Marian's Little Trip of Horrors in 1995. So I jumped at the opportunity afforded by Robb Anderson's email invitation in the middle of the week of the trip.

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2002 Trip Report - The Trip That Was Not To Be

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The Trip that was Not To Be

Secret Lake, July 13 and 14
Led by Robb Anderson
Reported by John Page

I guess we should have known something was wrong when almost everyone dropped out the week before the main event. That is, everyone but Gordon Lohman, Robb Anderson, and li’l ol’ me.

I met Robb at the Denny’s at the Sand Canyon exit off Highway 14 just before 9:00 AM where we had a quick breakfast and where I was fortunate to be one of the first Desert Explorers to see the bumper/frame/winch assembly that Robb had built for his Toyota FourRunner. I was impressed by his rugged design and his workmanship in tube bending and welding.

We drove on to Jawbone Ranger Station where we met Gordon. He told us that his Bronco had indicated overheating lately and he didn’t think it should attempt the long climb up to the lake.

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September 2002

by Marian Johns



       The idea for a trip to Peru was an indirect result of the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center tragedy. A group of us Desert Explorers was all set – money paid - for a trip to the Taklamakan Desert in northwest China. Every participant, except me, wanted to cancel, and I wasn’t going to go alone, so cancel we did. Reda tried to set up a trip to Patagonia, instead, but the cost for two weeks was $5000, not including airfare – way too much. Reda asked – where else can we go? And I said – how about Peru? She said – sounds good; let’s do it – you be the leader.

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