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1999 Trip Report - Anza Borrego Loop

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Anza-Borrego Loop Trip, April 17 & 18, 1999

by John Page
Photos by Allan Wicker

The Christmas Circle gang pulled out a few minutes after 8 o’clock. They were Mike and Phyllis Aguilar, Lou and Sophie Vener, Allan Wicker, John and Nancy Hoopes, Reda Anderson, Matt and Raquel Westlake, Rob Tugend and John Schmidt, led by John Page and Paul Ferry and with Carol and George Gilster in the sweep position. At the Banner Store we picked up the San Diego gang, consisting of Reena Deutsch and Beverly Ingram, Ron and Linda Lewis, and John Bortz.

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The Lost Tribe Mini Trip Report

written by Neal Johns

Most photos by John Page, but some by Marian Johns, Marilyn Martin, and Virginia Hammerness

Copper Canyon again? Seems like we were just there, but I guess it has been over three years! You would think it would get easier each time, but it must be like childbirth; you forget the pain after a while. This time I will remember the pain for a long, long time. It wasn’t the people, they were great, but the gods seemed to snow on me (euphemism). Seven vehicles (Charles and Mary Hughes, John Page/Paul Ferry, Virginia Hammerness/Pat Loomis, Warren Alksnis, Ann Marie Nelson/Bill Turpin, Bob and Marilyn Martin and the Johns) met in Tucson where, to my horror, AAA would not process the border crossing paperwork as in past years. Then Warren got lost in the restaurant (thus The Lost Tribe name), and I started to get that funny feeling about things. Was this trip going to be like the task of herding cats? Short answer: Yes.           

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1999 Trip Report - Southern Death Valley

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Southern Death Valley

Led by Ken and Diane Sears

October 9 & 10, 1999
Trip report and photos by John Page

The first week of October, 1999, was the hottest on record, with local  temperatures in the 100+ range, so a weekend in southern Death Valley with the Sears and some other nice people seemed like the perfect thing to do.

We met at the Mad Greek’s parking lot in Baker where I just barely had time to inhale a honey-sweet baklava. Ken and Diane Sears, with dog Ben, were the leaders, I was the sweep, and the other participants were Joe Daly, Allan Wicker and Ding Elnar, Bob Younger (aka “Ford Bob”), Joan McGovern-White, and Bob Meador (aka “Isuzu Bob”) who we met later on up the road.

Ken announced early-on that he’d been to Ballarat the week before and had been told that Goler Wash (aka Coyote Canyon Road) was washed out and impassable without winches and lockers; we would therefore have to forego the transit through the Panamints from Death Valley to Panamint Valley.

Our first stop was at Sheep Creek Spring, where we checked out the cabin and the remains of the talc mining operation. Joe’s Blazer didn’t like the climb in high range and puked radiator fluid in the parking area. A little rest and use of low range seemed to satisfy the car, although it was never really happy at any time in the trip. Lost vacuum or something like that.

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1999 Trip Report - Bodie, Labor Day

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Bodie, Labor Day Weekend, 1999

By Marilyn and Bob Martin
Photos by Marilyn Martin

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Friday September 8, 1999: Those who were retired or played hooky from work filtered into Oh! Ridge campground Friday afternoon: Sunny and Jean Hansen, Debbie Nakamora, Pete and Steve Panattoni and Don and Myrtie Putnam. It was a nice day and we sat around the camp table in the warm sun. Happy Hour progressed as usual. When the sun went down you knew that you were at altitude as it cooled off rapidly. Jackets soon came out. By 8:30 all were tucked into a warm bed.

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1999 Trip report - White Mountains

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White Mountains

July 24-25, 1999
Leader Alan Romspert, trip report written by Reda Anderson

Trip Leader Alan Romspert, and brother David “The-Wanderer” Romspert, led a rather large group of eager participants through the White Mountains: Miguel & Phyllis Aguilar, and their little dog Frances-the-Dachshund; Reda Anderson, accompanied by adventurer extraordinaire, Ken Freund; Victor Antonivich, who joined us on his way home from Montana; Craig Baker; Elwood and Susan Berry; John Dart and friend; Leonard and Rebecca Friedman; Joan McGovern-White; Robert Meador and Nonie DeSurra; Homer Meek, daughter Andrea and grandson Brett ("Low range 4 X 4 forever"); Bill Ott; Darrel Tomer; David Welbourn; Matt Westlake and young daughter Vanessa  "What's-the-Altitude" Westlake; Allan Wicker and Ding Elnar; and  George “Tail-End-Charlie” Gilster doing a great job keeping us all together.

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1999 Trip reports - Hauser Geode Beds

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Hauser Geode Beds

November 13-14, 1999

by Reda Anderson

Leaders: A group of enthusiastic rock-hounds and gem seekers were led through Hauser Geode Beds and its surrounds by Dr. Delmer Ross and his lovely wife Karen. Accolades and standing ovations are inadequate to thank Dr. Ross, professor of history at La Sierra University, Riverside, for his invaluable participation in this trip. Assisting Dr. Ross was Reda Anderson, accompanied by her friend George Coleman. 

Participants: Those participating in picking and “louping” were: Miguel and Phyllis Aguilar, and their little doggie Frances-the-Dachshund; Chuck and Mary Hughes; Ron and Linda Lewis;  Bill Ott; Richard and Rita Jo Pope; Larry Reese; Bob and Alicia Wieting,  along with their eight-year-old son, Andrew, Bob’s brother Ron, and  their two Pekinese dogs; Dave Welbourn; and Matt Westlake with his delightful eight-year-old daughter Raquel. Many thanks to Jeanice Kalbach  for assisting as Tail-End-Charlie.


Barstow Area/Afton Canyon

December 11, 1999

By Chuck and Jeanice Kalbach
Photos by Allan Wicker

On a bright, sunny, crisp Saturday morning, a small group which included Allan Wicker, Craig Baker and friend Gail, Dave Welbourn, Bill Ott and Neal and Marian Johns met with Chuck and Jeanice Kalbach at Peggy Sue's in Barstow.

We stopped at the old Indian trail and the sleeping circles on the way into Afton Canyon so we could walk by some history. One of the Johns' dogs took off to the west with Marian in hot pursuit. After everyone got in the act by trying to get ahead of the fleeing canine, the dog decided we were having too much fun and meekly returned.

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1999 Trip report - El Camino De Diablo

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El Camino del Diablo

by Neal Johns
Photos by Allan Wicker

The El Camino del Diablo (Devil's Highway) is the name the Mexicans gave to the stretch of desert trail from (now) Organ Pipe National Monument to Yuma, Arizona in the 1700 and 1800s when it was a major route of travel from northern Mexico to the missions in (now) California.

My current wife, Marian, and I decided to lead a modern 4WD trip over the route between Christmas and New Years. Little did we know that it would be so popular that it would be another cat-herding expedition. 

Showing up were the Jaussauds, Kalbachs, Hughes, Davis, Perkos, Olivers, Bob Younger, Bill Ott, Allan Wicker w/Ding Elnar, Vicki Hill w/Don Summers, Dave McFarland, Dick Taylor, Heather Wheeler, Ann Marie Nelson, Warren Alksnis, Vic Antonovich, and Joan McGovern-White. Joan left early to do schoolwork, and the Olivers because of an allergy problem. Some of the people arrived late, and hero Dave McFarland led them into camp. Thanks, Dave.

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